All 7 Stray From The Path albums Ranked

Stray From The Path albums ranked

Stray From The Path are an interesting creation of the combination of nu-metal, rap styles and metalcore. The band’s incredibly different sound made them stand out with their debut release and everything after. The band have released 3 albums independently but aren’t included in this list. In our Stray From The Path albums ranked list we will be including everything released from Villains and on. Below, you can find those Stray From The Path albums ranked on our handy list.

7. Villains

The first release with Drew York, the album ranked lowest on our Stray From The Path albums ranked list. Villains is an incredible album, but the structure of each album has increased with each release from the band. So in comparison to the others, this album just doesn’t stack up. The band doesn’t play songs from Villains too often anymore but the album helped the band grow. This album helped them grow internationally so it’s worth noting for helping them reach their current state.


6. Make Your Own History

Make Your Own History showed the band going more into the darker metalcore tones with their signature hardcore punk sound. The band always had a sound like this but with this album they had gotten more into experimental elements. This album really started to show what the band became and continue to shape into.


5. Rising Sun

Rising Sun is pure hard hitting hardcore punk, nu-metal rap style vibes from beginning to end. The band had shown parts of their political prowess before Rising Sun but it started to show their uniqueness. Rising Sun had some of the hardest hitting SFTP songs like Mad Girl that’s packed with nu-metal elements. My personal favorite, Bring It Back To The Streets, was rap metal heavy with the styles brought to the track.


4. Internal Atomics

Internal Atomics, the newest album from the band, which felt like a million years ago, was released in 2019. Since this album was released, the band released a live EP entitled Internal Atomics: Live in London. Internal Atomics however was the last new piece of music we got from the band. The album showed the final product of what the band became from here on out. The band also performed some songs from the record for an Audiotree session that can be found here.


3. Only Death Is Real

Only Death Is Real saw the band revisit their older sound heard from Villains to parts of Rising Sun, which brought out more hardcore tones. The band has been easily compared to Rage Against The Machine for the hardcore scene, but this album showed the band had their own unique sound in the modern age of hardcore. The House Always Wins, a song featured on the record, was originally released as a stand alone single as an opposition to the election at the time.


2. Subliminal Criminals

Subliminal Criminals was the combination of the band’s signature hardcore and rap elements and brought it all together perfectly to create the concrete sound the band’s known best for. This album highlighted nu-metal elements that the band incorporated in most of their music. Subliminal Criminals was an extremely fast album that may have been the band’s most raw to date, which eaned it’s place on our Stray From The Path albums ranked list.


1. Anonymous

Anonymous was clearly inspired by the rise in popularity of Anonymous and the freedom of speech on the internet being expressed throughout the news at that time. Stray From The Path were always very inspired by current events, as stated earlier with the release of The House Always Wins. Anonymous is also a very dark album with the topics the band covers and the overall dark tones used here. The band had guest vocals on two songs on the album from common tourmates. The band that are featured, letlive. and Stick To Your Guns, share their signature vocal styles on the record. Those songs with featured were highlights on the record, getting played often at shows.


Overall, Stray From The Path invented their own sound from their inspiration of Rage Against The Machine and other artists from a variety of genres. Usually bands that incorporate nu-metal or rap elements into their music don’t last too long in popularity or stay very unique in the scene. Stray From The Path on the other hand have reinvented themselves with each release and planted themselves further into the scene.

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