The 10 Best Motionless in White Songs of All-Time

Motionless in White

Motionless in White was formed in Scranton, Pennsylvania, in 2005. Vocalist Chris Cerulli, guitarist Mike Costanza, bassist Frank Polumbo, and drummer Angelo Parente were still in high school when they started the band. Two years later, keyboardist Josh Balz completed the band, and they recorded their first album, The Whorror. After the album, Polumbo and Costanza left the group and were replaced by Ryan Stitkowski and Ricky Olson. Shortly afterward, the group released their second album, When Love Met Destruction. In 2010, Motionless In White signed with Fearless Records and released their first full-length album, Creatures. Two years later, they released Infamous.

One more album, Reincarnate, was released on Fearless Records. After switching labels to Roadrunner Records, Motionless In White released 570 the same day they announced the label switch. In 2017 Balz left the group and was replaced by Marie Christine-Allard before Graveyard Shift. Jonathan Davis from Korn also appeared on this album. The group’s fifth album, Disguise, was released in 2019. According to The Aquarian, the group’s music is a fusion of industrial metal, gothic, horror, post-hardcore, and a smattering of emo. The article went on to say, “the music repertoire is, quite frankly, frightening.” These are the top 10 Motionless In White Songs of All Time.

10. Headache


The music is coarse and discordant, with lyrics that bring the painful inner voices that constantly tell us we can’t do something to light. Throughout the song, it fades in and out of brash and impulsive metal and evocative pieces. The combination with Cerelli’s voice that bars on primal scream produce a monologue of the inner pain of a tortured soul.

9. Code


The opening of this song is Industrial Techo that rages into a primal scream and a brief metal guitar interlude. Vocals in this song sound hopeful despite rawness and anger. Every part of the song seems to belong to a different journey and might have wound up a cacophony. Motionless in White combines all the elements into a powerful anthem about rewriting your own history. Many of the lyrics are also about addiction, which weaving through the other lyrics could be a person, drug, or anger you can’t lose.

8. Eternally Yours


The speed with heavy elements of industrial metal provides the instrumentation for a solemn but triumphal song. The lyrics sound sorrowful are offset by breaks of personal lyrics. Much like other songs in the group’s catalog, the music is passionate because it breaks genre molds, making them stand out from other groups who have tried to execute similar things.

7. Thoughts & Prayers


Hypocrisy is the theme threading itself through angry but intricate rhythms. Despite an immensely raw voice, the group makes the song sound artistic and mad in equal measure. Near the middle of the song, there is an intense speed metal drum solo followed by incisive vocals.

6. Reincarnate


A listener can pull multiple meanings from this song’s lyrics. It’s well known in esoteric circles that it becomes dark and unnatural when something rises from the dead. However, when we reconnect romantically with someone from our past, it can also become a nightmare because it will rarely be what it was initially. The lyric “crawling from hell fallen from grace and there is nothing left to take Leaving the past to the grave So we can reincarnate” speaks to many different specters.

5. Brand New Numb


The opening bars of this sound like an arena-rock power anthem. As it continues, it loses part of that sound and adds many electronic overdubs with primal vocals. There have been multiple songs about being a superhero sung across every genre throughout the last several decades. However, this one is an anti-superhero song that celebrates the anarchy of all he does.

4. Disguise


The interlude in this song calls to mind a children’s story. Yet, it quickly descends into a powerful combination of heavy drum licks and metal guitar riffs. The song’s introspective lyrics are about finally facing yourself in the mirror and realizing that you have become something you don’t want to be. Many groups early in their career would use the symbolism of disenchanted youth to pen lyrics that are cliché. However, Motionless in White brings out the worst issues that everyone faces and can sing for everyone who goes through inner hell.

3. Somebody Told Me


Covering The Killers is not an easy feat, or reworking the song since it was a successful hit and one of the biggest songs of the early to mid-00s. However, in the capable hands of Motionless in White, they stay close to the original while still making it their own. The band’s version relies more heavily on electronic music while stripping down the vocals. Additionally, the shift in the drum licks creates a cover that sounds updated without reinventing the brilliance of the first recording.

2. Voices


Drum Licks remain bare throughout most of the song, and the lyrics primarily drive the song. The song’s refrain is a reminder that negativity can keep kicking you down even when trying to escape. One of the highlights of the lyrics is an echoing chorus in the back of the song. Additionally, there are a few guitar riffs that revisit early grunge music.

1. Another Life


Everything about this song is dissimilar from the rest of Motionless in White’s catalog, from instrumentation to vocals. However, that’s where the power lies. Most of the group’s songs are tuneful and reflective moments that intersperse expressive and strong drum and guitar solos. However, Another Life sounds more like a Hard Rock love ballad from the mid-00s. The opening guitar riffs are post-grunge combined with Curell’s vocals creates a song similar to Linkin Park but with more echoing pain and soul-searching bitterness.

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