10 Things You Didn’t Know About Big Meech

Big Meech

Demetrius Flenory, better known as Big Meech, got into peddling cocaine with his brother, Terry, in the late 1980s. Within ten years, they had grown their drug empire to run the flow of cocaine in over three major cities. Their $250-million empire, unfortunately, crashed when in 2005, the two brothers were arrested along with 100 other co-conspirators. Big Meech was sentenced to 360 months, but he has been desperately trying to be released, especially with the spread of COVID-19. Around 53,000 have been infected, and 224 staff and inmates have died; however, Meech will remain behind bars for the next seven years. Here’s everything else you probably did not know about the Black Mafia Family leader.

1. He Doesn’t Believe T.I. is a Snitch

T.I. seems to have his back covered because even if some claim he is a snitch, Meech does not think so. Instead, the crime family founder said he has so much respect for the American rapper, and people are only trying to assassinate his character. According to Meech, if ever T.I. was a snitch, there would be public records of him revealing some information. Therefore, Meech concluded in his letter published by Straight from the A that the entire BMF family vouches for T.I.’s loyalty.

2. His Brother Was Released from Prison Due to COVID-19 Spread in Prison

Meech and his brother Terry were sentenced to 30 years in prison. The COVID-19 pandemic may be a blessing in disguise for Terry because after asking to be released from prison due to the high rate of infections behind bars, the judge was sympathetic to his plea. However, he still has to complete his sentencing; hence he was placed under house arrest. Consequently, 50 Cent posted on Instagram that those who owed Terry money should have it ready, implying the crime family member would collect his debts as soon as he stepped out of prison.

3. His Plea to Be Released from Prison was Denied

While Terry went home, Meech has to stay behind bars despite also asking to be released. According to his lawyer, Wade Fink, Meech is at high risk of contracting COVID-19 while in prison. He even got medical experts to testify that Meech could die from COVID-19, but Fink blames the prosecutors because they are unwilling to change their opinion regarding his client. According to The Detroit News, the prosecutors believe that Meech is still a danger to the public and is not exposed to any COVID-19 risk factors.

4. Why Prosecutors are Against Him Getting the Same Treatment as Terry

As much as Fink tries to convince the jury of how much his client has changed while behind bars, Meech’s record is not doing him any favors. The prosecutors revealed that Meech has a disciplinary record that ranges from having an illegally acquired cell phone to owning a small razor blade and using intoxicants. Therefore, regardless of how much Fink says that Meech is a good and loyal person who only wants to do the right thing for his family, his behavior while in prison has betrayed him.

5. He Will Be Released in 2028

District Judge David M. Lawson, on June 14, 2021, agreed to reduce Meech’s sentence to 324 months from 360 months. The crime family founder has already served 16 years, and the reduction has nothing to do with the compassionate release. According to AllHipHop, Meech was awarded the reduction because he meets the criteria of new sentencing guidelines applicable to drug cases settled before November 1, 2014. Consequently, Meech, who was set to be released on November 25, 2031, will go home in 2028.

6. What Has He Been Up To While in Prison

Although the prosecutors claim that Meech has not been up to any good while in prison, they are wrong. He has been on a self-improvement mission that entails earning his GED. He has also finished three classes: parenting, money management, and health awareness, and completed a 24-month special management program.

7. He Wants to Rebrand BMF Once He Gets out of Prison

Being known as the founder of the Black Mafia Family is not a reputation that Meech wants to maintain when he is out of prison. Therefore he will change the acronym to represent “Build More Families.” Meech has already started working towards gaining a positive reputation within the community, and his mother, who initiated the move, has been supporting Meech in reinventing himself. So far, BMF has helped the community through book drives, basketball contests, and back-to-school fun days.

8. His Son Will Portray Meech in an Upcoming Series about the Black Mafia Family

50 Cent is producing a drama based on the Black Mafia Family. The rapper has been working on the series for two years, although it was announced first in spring 2020. 50 cent even hired Raphael Saadiq to help with the crime drama’s score. Meech’s son, Lil Meech, will portray his father while Da’Vinchi will take on the role of Terry; other cast members are Steve Harris, Russell Hornsby, and Arkeisha Knight.

9. He Helped Promote Young Jeezy’s Career

Meech has been credited for being instrumental in making Young Jeezy’s early career in the early 2000s. The BMF founder would ensure that the rapper’s music got around Atlanta by promoting parties where his songs were played and putting them out in strip clubs. As a man of means, Meech would even give the rapper whatever he needed for video shoots, including fancy cars and jewelry. Although Young Jeezy did not sign up with BMF Entertainment, Meech had nothing but praise for the rapper. He said helping Young Jeezy’s career take off was the best thing he ever did in his years as the drug lord.

10. He Allegedly Got His Name from Another Drug Lord

Big Meech was the nickname of another cocaine drug lord in the 1980s. According to Deadline Detroit, Demetrius Holloway was cut from a different cloth and did not care to hide it; he flaunted his wealth by wearing $20,000 Italian suits. Unfortunately, he died at 32. When he was gunned down, police were closing in, and he would have been charged with racketeering.

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