10 Things You Didn’t Know About David Silveria

David Silvera

David Silveria is best known as the ex-drummer of Korn, a group he lent his drumming skills to from 1993 to 2006. He left to deal with some health issues, but the band would not let him in upon trying to get back. The break-up was not amicable with courts being involved, but they finally resolved their differences. Since then, the drummer has joined other bands, including Infinika and CORE 10. Currently, he is with Breaking in a Sequence (B.I.A.S), and they released their EP in January 2021. There is a lot more to Silveria than being a drummer, and these ten facts will shed light on both his personal and professional life.

1. He Loves the Restaurant Business

According to The Orange County Register, the drummer’s ex-wife, Shannon, had been waitressing at a restaurant in Huntington Beach. She later quit and opened a restaurant, Tuna Town, with her husband; the restaurant focused on serving sushi. Unfortunately, the couple divorced, and Silveria sold his 50% share of the restaurant to Shannon. In 2009, his passion for the restaurant business led him to open a rock-themed restaurant and appropriately named it Silvera’s Rockbar, but it closed down in November 2010.

2. His Take on Korn Creating Nu Metal Music

Each band tries its best to be unique and chart new paths. For instance, Black Sabbath is the pioneer of heavy metal, something they pride themselves on to date. Korn, on the other hand, is credited for coming up with a new genre of music. Still, Silveria does not feel entitled to getting such credits. Although he acknowledges that the band did something different, he is humble enough not to allow it to get to his head.

3. He Tattooed His Wife’s First Name on His Back

It’s amazing what love will make you do. Silveria never thought he would divorce his wife; the two were married for four years, and the drummer tattooed Shannon’s name on his back. Now that they are no longer together, maybe he got rid of it. It was not the only tattoo he got; Silveria also got images of a Korn logo, a Cheshire cat, and a man sticking out his tongue with a drum stick going through it.

4. He First Played Professionally at 13

Silveria started playing drums at the age of nine, and he explained that music became an obsession because there was nothing much to do in Bakersfield, where he was raised. He is a go-getter, and when he heard that Brian Welch, James Shaffer, and Reginald Arvizu were looking for a drummer for their band, he left a message on their answering machine. They got back to him and were surprised that despite being young, Silveria was quite good. Therefore, he joined them, and since he could not drive, his mother would drop him off.

5. He Has Not Listened to Korn Music Since He Left

Silveria left Korn in 2006, and since then, he has never listened to any of the new songs the band has released. He clarified it is not out of spite but because he was not interested in whatever they were up to since his departure. Therefore, even if a Korn song comes on the radio, he turns it off. As a result, he does not have any opinion about any of the new Korn songs; he can only talk about how he hears other people describe it.

6. He Broke Two Bones on His Back

According to Blabbermouth, Silveria broke two bones on his back while working out. He did not think it was serious and took pain pills for over a year before realizing something was wrong. After consulting another specialist, the drummer was told his back had been broken for a year and a half. The pain had gotten so bad that he could not walk over 50 feet without needing a 3-minute rest. Thankfully, the second specialist got him two screws and a synthetic disc to fix it.

7. Why He Left Korn

After Silveria broke his back, he needed a temporary break from performing with Korn. Unfortunately, the hiatus turned out to be a permanent leave which he explained was brought on by lack of communication between the band members. They drifted apart so much that he lacked the motivation to return. However, even before leaving the band, Welch disclosed that members were not getting along. The guitarist said that Silveria and Arvizu would not stand being in the same room with each other.

8. He Sued Korn for His Rightful Share of Profits

Silveria said he took a hiatus and expected to be welcomed back with open arms in 2013 when he wanted to rejoin the band. However, the band members were unwilling; therefore, the drummer took legal action asking the judge to instruct the band to reveal the money they had made since he left. Korn countersued, and they reached an agreement in which Silveria would give up all his rights to the band’s royalties in return for a lump sum.

9. He Was Upset That Korn Accepted Welch Back

According to Metal Injection, Silveria was hurt that the band would not accept him back, yet they accepted Welch. He must have felt betrayed by Welch because the drummer contacted the guitarist, telling him they should both approach Korn to be allowed back in, but Welch said he would never return. However, less than a year later, Welch returned to Korn, but the band members would not let Silveria back in, despite Welch having said negative things about the band. Still, the drummer said he had the utmost respect for the band regardless of their decision.

10. He Believes His Drumming Skills are Unmatched

Although Silveria does not listen to new Korn music, he still believes that Ray Luzier cannot match his skills. Therefore, the ex-Korn drummer revealed on his Facebook page that he was important to the original Korn lineup’s sound. Silveria added that he does not have to listen to Korn music to know that it cannot level up to the funky and groovy music they produced while he was still a member. Despite his opinion, Jonathan Davis said they are comfortable with Luzier and are not looking to welcome Silveria back into the fold.

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