The 10 Best Darlene Zschech Songs of All-Time

You can’t be into Christian and worship music and not know the name Darlene Zschech. Even though she has a background associated with Hillsong Church, she’s been able to separate herself and her success from the controversial congregation. So if you’ve been a fan for years or just getting to know this singer/songwriter, keep reading to find out what her best songs have been over the years.

Darlene Zschech is one of the most prolific singers and songwriters in the worship music genre, so selecting just ten of her best songs can be challenging! However, the songs on this list seem to resonate with many listeners and are considered some of her best work according to many sources, including,, and

Here are the ten best songs from Darlene Zschech:

10. “I Will Wait”

Starting this list is “I Will Wait,” written by Zschech and Israel Houghton came out on her You Are Love album back in 2011. The raw, transparent testimony about how we all need God connected with enough listeners to make this a familiar and favorite still today.

9. “You Will Be Praised”

In 2017, Darlene’s album, Here I Am Send Me, featured the single “You Will Be Praised.” The singer wrote this song with Paul Baloche and Jenn Johnson. It was written on the singer/songwriter’s first trip back to America after undergoing cancer treatments.

The song inspired Zschech’s passion to sing about the Holy Spirit living in us, making it possible to go through any trial – even cancer. Many fans like to think this song is a testimony to the world about Darlene’s victorious journey through health struggles.

8. “Yours Forever (You Took The Nails)”

This song features Kari Jobe’s vocals and Zschech’s, and it needs both of those passionately faithful women to convey its message. Any Christian whose heart is fully committed can’t help but be moved by the journey the song takes listeners through. From the sacrifice on the cross to the faith-affirming resurrection, this song touches on the deep, emotional journey that had to happen for a close relationship with God.

This song was released on appropriately titled Revealing Jesus in 2013. “Yours Forever” continues to be on Christian radio stations and sung at worship services, making it a timeless worship song.

7. “Victor’s Crown”

Another song released on 2013’s Revealing Jesus, “Victor’s Crown” is about facing tough times and ultimate victory through God. The message reminds believers of how Jesus took our place on the cross so that he could overcome the world.

In an article on, Zschech is asked which is her favorite song on the album. While the singer/songwriter won’t commit to a single title, she does admit that “Victor’s Crown” is one of her favorites!

6. “The Potter’s Hand”

This song can be found on the Hillsong Ultimate Worship album. Most fans of Zschech know that she played a significant role on the church’s worship team, and this is one of the songs she wrote during her time there. The inspiration for this song has a personal foundation for the singer.

This song is based upon a prayer she’d had with God in the late ’90s. Her prayer led her to a faith-based realization about the importance of submission or giving it all to God. She also remembers asking Him to guide, direct, and walk beside her as she realized how much she needed Him.

5. “The Power of Your Love”

“The Power of Your Love” would be what the more mature population would call an oldie but goodie. This song wasn’t written by Zscheck but was performed by her when she was a worship leader at Hillsong in 1992.

According to, the song was inspired by Isaiah 40:31. The scripture speaks of the good believers will experience when they put their hopes in the Lord. Anyone who does will be strengthened and renewed.

Many people who grew up during the 1990s reference this song as the one that moved them toward the Christian faith. No wonder it’s had so much staying power in the faith community.

4. “In Jesus’ Name”

This song is an incredible testimony to how God will prepare His people for future challenges. “In Jesus’ Name” was a song on the 2013 album, Revealing Jesus. This song would become a source of strength for the singer when she received her cancer diagnosis a few months later.

The singer details how this song, and many others, played a crucial role in reminding her that Jesus is fighting right alongside every believer, especially when the battles seem too big to overcome. “In Jesus’ Name” was a beacon of light during Zschech’s trying time, and its popularity seems to have done the same for countless people worldwide.

3. “You Are Great”

As one of the songs on the music artist’s album, Here I Am Send Me, it’s yet another way Zschech worked through her season of illness. As reported on, the song and its message came from a conversation with a supportive friend.

Martin Smith wrote this song with Zschech after he asked her what she wanted to say at that point during her illness. Her answer came from scripture she had been reading, and the song “You are Great” came to be.

Zschech hopes the song will show people that as she brought her experience up to meet God’s word, He will guide you and be faithful. Even in the most challenging moments, God is great!

2. “At the Cross”

This emotional and moving song paints an intimate picture of Jesus on the cross with His faithful believers at His feet. While the devastation of what the Lord had to go through to bring followers to His feet to have everlasting life, “At the Cross” also conveys the joy He’s brought to all.

The song is featured on the album, In Jesus’ Name: A Legacy of Worship & Faith. It has a powerful message and connects with people wherever they are on their faith journey. This song continues to be among the best and most loved Darlene Zschech songs.

1. “Shout to the Lord”

Even though this song was written in 1993, its staying power and ability to resonate with believers worldwide make it truly special. Like many of her songs, Zschech wrote it during a difficult time. According to, on a day the singer/songwriter felt the weight of being a mom with financial worries, she sat down at her beloved piano.

As she put her fingers on the keys, she felt moved by the Psalms and did what the bible advised her to do – praise God. The depth and truth in the song’s lyrics have been sung worldwide by an estimated 25 to 20 faithful churchgoers each Sunday. It’s also been performed in front of some notable people, including the American President and the Pope.

The True Best Darlene Zschech Songs

This list includes popular titles that have touched countless people’s lives. If you have a favorite Darlene Zschech song that isn’t on this list, it’s still on your top song list! Either way, there’s a lot of love, worship, and inspiration to be found in every song by the beloved singer/songwriter.

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