The 10 Best Priscilla Block Songs of All-Time

Priscilla Block is one of the best entertainers to emerge in Nashville. This multi-talented vocalist/musician is bursting with personality, energy and vitality. Her song writing skills are sharp and her delivery is pure perfection.

As far as her vocals go, she’s an impressive power house. As far as her lyrics go, she has the ability to show that she understands what her fans go through, that’s she’s not above them, she is them.

Though she’s been interested in music her entire life, it was the pandemic that provided the opportunity to share her gift with the world, as she explains, “I started posting original music and those videos started doing really, really well. It was interesting because I would post cover videos and then I would post my own videos and my own original music was kind of what was working.”

The 10 Best Priscilla Block Songs of All-Time

10. Like a Boy

According to the publication American Songwriter, “Like a Boy” concerns tells the story of a failed relationship, this track “…is charged with emotion from the moment you first hear the piano intro Block’s assured vocals. Her confident storytelling is captivating and sounds all too familiar as she sings about a relationship that fell apart.”

The article relates how the band had just finished for the day. However, as they were leaving the studio, Block stopped dead in her tracks and made them all return, as she firmly believed that the track needed the piano in order to make it whole. Written by Block, Sarah Jones and Emily Kroll, this is definitely a track that most will relate to.

9. Sad Girls Do Sad Things

While many of her tracks are filled with zest and humor, this one is a little different. Composed by Priscilla Block, Sarah Jones and Emily Kroll, this track revolves around a woman who has lost herself. As a result she’s spending a bit too much of her time at the local bar.

Looking in the mirror she finds herself contemplating her current state, and realizes that sad girls do sad things. This track can be found on her 2021 self-titled, Priscilla Block.

8. Off The Deep End

Can Priscilla sing or what? If you’re searching for a singer with a powerful voice, chill attitude mixed with plenty of humor and pathos, then Priscilla is your girl, so give “Off the Deep End” a try. This is a track that celebrates the soul. Here, the singer recognizes her humanity. However, at the same time she gives the listener a robust, brawny and potent journey into her “deep end”, where she’s open for almost anything as nothing is off the table.

7. I Bet You Wanna Know

When relationships cease to satisfy, both parties feel the loss of vigor, positive energy and of course, love. Such is the case with this track, “I Bet You Wanna Know”. The track comes off her 2021 album, Priscilla Block, and narrates the tale where the singer has moved on with her life.

She’s open to new experiences which include getting to know other fellas. Her ex, however, is lost within himself. He continues to carry images and memories of the time he and the singer spent together, except it’s not because he loves her. In effect, he just wants to know what she’s up to, but not to the point of wanting her back.

6. You, Me, And Whiskey

Country music star Justin Moore just teamed up with rising country music star, Priscilla Block to record the smoking and sultry, “You, Me and Whiskey”. With 11 number one hit singles under his belt, Moore knows the sound of a top country hit when he hears it. According to Moore, when he heard the track, he stated that “I just thought this song was a smash”.

Composed by Jessi Alexander, Brock Berryhill, and Cole Taylor, the song relates the tale of a couple dealing with the doldrums of everyday life while learning how to rediscover themselves.

5. PMS

“PMS” is another track released on TikTok, one filled with sass and spark that relates the issues women go through during PMS. Needless to say, Priscilla is a master of her musical domain. Listening to “PMS”, one can sense her command over the lyrics as she injects a feel of comic genius when called for. In effect, this tune successfully narrates just what it’s like for many women during this time. Written by Block, Sarah Jones and Emily Kroll, expect this song to tickle your funny bone from time to time.

4. My Bar

“My Bar” is a powerful track. Here, the singer is professing her love for her favorite bar. She notices that an ex is entering her bar right when she’s there. on a Wednesday, her day. This has been her place to recoup and enjoy the band way before she even knew her ex. So when she see’s him enter, she lets him know he’s not welcome. Composed by Block, you can find this track on her album, Welcome to the Block Party.

3. Peaked in High School

Composed by Block, Josh Beale, Sarah Jones, and Kate Hasting, “Peaked In High School” comes off her debut album, Welcome to the Block Party. “Peaked in High School” is another great track from Block, one that shares a message. For you see, once Block made a name for herself, she began to get contacted by classmates from high school. Here is the thing though, these people never gave her the time of day until she she became famous!

2. Thick Thighs

One of the best Priscilla Block songs is “Thick Thighs”. Why? Because “Thick Thighs” is a fantastic romp that celebrates the curvaceous female figure giving it the props it so richly deserves. “Thick Thighs” comes off her 2020 album,

Welcome to the Block Party. Basically, she says it all when she sings that “big thighs save lives and to love yourself.” The official music video was released in 2021. Directed by Logen Christopher, it blends Block’s fresh and saucy track with an entertaining visual narrative.

1. Just About Over You

This is the one that brought Block into the limelight. In 2020, Priscilla recorded and released this track on TikTok, and you can guess the rest. The track was such a hit that it provided Block the opportunity to hit the road, doing concerts for her fans.

The title of her first tour says it all: Welcome to the Block Party World Tour. Known as her official debut single, this track did very well, peaking at number 17 on the charts.

Final Thoughts

There you have it, our list of the 10 best Priscilla Block songs. Now keep in mind that this gifted and accomplished singer/songwriter has just started her career, so there will definitely be much more to come. As such, take this time to gain knowledge about this brilliant and masterful talent while you wait to see what she’ll be capable of producing in the future.

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