The 10 Best Daryle Singletary Songs of All-Time

Daryle Singletary songs were made to withstand the test of time, and they certainly do that. Although he was only on the country scene for a relatively few number of years before his tragic passing in his late 40s, he left a legacy of music behind for fans to remember him by.

Daryle was a fixture in the country music world and his contributions will never be forgotten. Daryle’s all-time biggest hit was the touching I Let Her Lie. It instantly endeared him to country music lovers as one of the most promising new voices in the business.

It was the first of a plethora of songs that made Daryle an icon in the scene. Now fans can honor his memory by enjoying his music and performances anytime they wish.

Sometimes Daryle Singletary songs were performed as a solo project. Other times he participated in duets or as part of a small group. He was known for his versatility in addition to his talents as an artist and also as a songwriter.

It is also true that some of his most memorable gigs were when he performed cover tunes from other iconic country music figures. This man never lacked for inspiration when it came time to choose which songs and artists to cover.

The late Daryle Bruce Singletary had a rather short, yet notable career as a country superstar. He left behind a legacy filled with legendary songs and other memories. In this concise, but informative article, we take a look back at ten of those songs.

We also point out some noteworthy moments other than Daryle’s music. Join us as we take a fond look at the career of this country music icon. See how many of these Daryle Singletary songs you remember.

1. I Let Her Lie

The first on our list of fabulous Daryle Singletary songs is the heartwrenching tune, “I Let Her Lie.” As he sings the words of this song, fans can identify with a person trying to keep their romantic relationship going. This tune was played on the radio a lot in its heyday back in 1995 and Daryle’s faithful following still welcomes the opportunity to hear it whenever it airs.

2. Amen Kind of Love

This is a love song with an upbeat tempo. The Daryle Singletary songs we like to cover present the positive side of the man’s life. Join him as we discuss this tune of Daryle’s from the late 90s. As we listen to it we can only wish that his life had not ended so soon. Fortunately though, his songs will live forever.

3. The Note

This is surely one of the best of the Daryle Singletary songs. It tells the tale of a note left behind by a newly-lost lover. As his soft and moving voice goes through the tune, fans can relate to the song. People can identify with the sudden and unexpected departure as relayed by Singletary through his haunting words.

4. Too Much Fun

This quick-paced song depicts a typical day in the life of a good-ole country boy. Too Much Fun talks about a particular evening during his life that was memorable to Daryle. Even if fans live in an urban area of the United States, this tune will evoke recollection of at least one occurrence in their life that was similar in nature to it. If you have not heard this song yet, take a listen now and see for yourself.

5. Old Violin

With this offering from Daryle Singletary, one can see why he was a superstar at such a young age. As his words unfold, he relays the story of how he feels after a failed romantic relationship. With his soft and clear voice he describes how his life has become like that of an old violin. Many folks can understand this sentiment. Relive one of the finer Daryle Singletary songs by viewing this video.

6. Set ’em Up Joe

Followers of this amazing country artist will surely remember this tune. The video depicts a live performance of the song to a small but welcoming crowd. The lyrics talk about a man who has lost his love and how he deals with the experience. Who among us has not gone through this type of situation? Share your feelings about it with your buddies as you watch this video together as presented by Daryle Singletary himself.

7. Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down

Over the years, a few artists have covered this song. The version presented here by Daryle Singletary is one of the best. It definitely illustrates why so many people adored hearing him play. Set in a small yet cozy venue, Daryle’s performance of Tonight the Bottle Let Me Down is absolutely mesmorizing. He does justice to the one and only late Merle Haggard with this captivating event.

8. Footlights

Although perhaps not as well-known as some of the rest of Daryle Singletary songs, Footlights is definitely a fine one. Once again, Daryle pays tribute to the late great Merle Haggard with his touching performance of this song. As any casual observer can see, Daryle loved playing to smaller and more personalized crowds. Watch the video as fans take in this moving tune.

9. She Sure Looks Good in Black

Here is one of Daryle’s upbeat tunes, the ever-inspiring She Sure Looks Good in Black. Fans may not have heard this song on the airwaves as much as they would have wanted to, but still enjoy hearing it in videos like this one. It is good to see that Singletary left behind some faster-moving songs in addition to his slower classics.

10. After the Fire Is Gone

Daryle teams up with lady country songstress Rhonda Vincent for this performance. Together they sing the old Loretta Lynn classic After the Fire Is Gone and do it much justice. Viewers of this video can see the audience was completely enthralled with the pair as they cover this tune with style and grace. It is yet another example of the versatility of Daryle Singletary.

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