Testament guitarist Skolnick on Billie Eilish: “She’s singing for real”

Testament band’s guitarist Alex Skolnick talks about Billie Eilish. Skolnick saying he feeling: “Eilish singing for real”.

We remain Billie Eilish 18-year-old pop star that she already win the Grammy Awards in 2020. As always to more difficult to metal music fans to love the pop music genre. But in this century this situation a little different ever. Because music is the way of expressing our emotions. Also, metal music idols give their support to young pop-star Eilish likes of Avenged Sevenfold and Wolfgang Van Halen. Now, Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick shows his feeling about that who joined Testament at only 15 years old in the band.

Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick just talks at Scars & Guitars podcast and he said:

“I got to be honest, she’s singing for real, Some of her live television appearances have been really good – that live on the radio… And her brother [Finneas] is a really great musician. He plays keyboards, guitar… I respect what she’s doing. I know it would probably be an odd fit, but she’s one of the few I would probably say ‘yes’ to [a collaboration]. There’s plenty of who I would absolutely not work with.”

Then Skolnick gives an example for that and added:

“Well, that’s a perfect example, like, you know, playing with Rihanna – and nothing wrong with it, but I can’t get into that music, I can’t. And I know she’s got a great voice, I just can’t get into it. Now, if it was somebody, like, say, somebody whose music I really dig, even, like, Erykah Badu, it’s real, there’s something sort of natural about it.”

Listen to the Testament guitarist Alex Skolnick full interview below.

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