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James Hetfield Talks About Pandemic Has Given a Chance for METALLICA

James Hetfield from METALLICA frontman recently talks to the fan-club “So What!” magazine. In this new interview, he reveals pandemic “soak up his life”.

After Hetfield rehab for alcohol and other psychological problem, the band focus on new projects. So, unfortunately, due to the ongoing pandemic, METALLICA tours postponed next year. But they still produce a new projects and the band members focus on the new album ideas.

They also air a show to hundreds of drive-in and outdoor theaters across the USA and Canada, as part of the “Encore Drive-In Nights” concert series.

James Hetfield talks to fan-club “So What!” magazine for his thoughts about himself and the band:

“A pandemic is not welcomed. People are hurting. People are dying. There are lots of people struggling, really, really struggling with funds, wherever they’re living, they can’t afford things anymore. Lives are changing drastically.

I don’t mean to sound cold about it, but for me personally. It’s been really helpful to slow down, stop the work, stop the circus of what’s going on with touring and band, and all of that stuff, family struggles as well. So it’s really good to have time to just be. To just be. Not have to have an agenda, but just to chill, to soak up life on life’s terms, to plug into my community here in Colorado.”

After James Hetfield added:

“That’s definitely one thing that has been difficult for me to have because of coming and going every few weeks, not really being able to plug into any commitments or say, ‘Hey, let’s do this once a week,’ or get together and barbecue, have a cigar pit or whatever, those weekly things that people get to do.

I was not able to do those and now I am. I’ve built a really cool community of friends, true, unconditionally loving friends, and I would not have had that if I didn’t have this time. When I’d come home and you know, I’d get a couple of weeks at home, and Francesca, my wife, has got things planned out: ‘Here are the friends we’re hanging with,’ and I’d just kinda jump right into that. It’d take a week to even say ‘Hi,’ to even want to come off the couch and say ‘hi.’

I’m noticing a lot more since I’ve been away from it and stepped back, big picture-wise, those transitions between road and home have been more difficult than I really had at first imagined.”

METALLICA also makes $250,000 donations to wildfire relief efforts in California and other parts of the western USA.

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