Zendaya reveals new photo of Chani from Dune movie

Zendaya reveals a new photo of her character Chani from Dune movie. Here’s also another photo for Denis Villeneuve‘s upcoming movie.

We know you’re busy look at Timothée Chalamet and Oscar Isaac. But we’ve got a surprise for you. This is the first part and we wait for more. Frank Herbert’s classic science fiction novel – is also the most anticipated movie of the 2020 year. In just a few days, Vanity Fair has been sharing photos of the movie cast, and more. However, there’s another famous star Zendaya from Spider-Man: Far From Home has shared a different photo of her character for Chani. Maybe this is the coolest photo we already saw.

Here’s the short synopsis about Dune:

“Paul Atreides, a child of privilege raised by a powerful family, but not one strong enough to protect him from the dangers that await. As the Atreides family leaves the oceanic world of Caladan to take over scorching Arrakis, they are also becoming prey to the brutal rival House Harkonnen, which seeks to exploit the desert world they are about to inherit. House Atreides is just one more part of the landscape to annihilate.”

Zendaya shared a new photo on her Instagram account. Also, she just wrote “Dune” in the description. Dune will premiere in cinemas on December 18, 2020.


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