Remembering The Life of Vocalist Kelly Holland

Kelly Holland

Kelly Holland was a member of a band named “Cry of Love,” that was based in America and had been working in North Carolina since 1989. The band was interested in hard rock and southern rock music. They released their debut album “Brother,” which was produced by the musician and record producer John Custer in 1993. After the band released their first album, they went on a road tour for about seventeen months between 1993 and 1994. Vocalist Kelly Holland, who was the rock band’s front man, decided to quit working with the band because he could not handle being on the road tours for long periods. Although his performance during the tours was exceptional, the workload of being on the tour took its toll on him and led to his decision to quit. After leaving the band, Holland did not return to the spotlight. He died on February 24, 2014, due to health complications that had resulted in a severe abdominal infection. Holland died at the age of 52.

He was Recruited in the “Cry of Love” band in 1991

“Cry of Love” was formed in 1989 by the then drummer Jason Patterson, guitarist Audley Freed, and bassist Robert Kearns. According to an article published on the “Spirit of Metal” website in honor of the band, the three band members recruited Kelly Holland, while they were looking for a lead singer to front their band. Kelly Holland had been the band’s first choice for the position in 1989 but was recruited in 1991 after he decided not to follow his band “The Point” to Los Angeles. Holland had his first rehearsal with the band in November 1991, about a month after his recruitment and played his first show in January 1992.

Number 1 Hit on US Billboard for Mainstream Rock

While he was working as the frontman, “Cry of Love” released their first debut album “Brother.” One of the songs from the album, “Peace Pipe” peaked at the top of the US Billboard for mainstream rock in 1993. Two other songs from the album, “Bad Thing” and “Too Cold in The Winter” were used as soundtracks for their seventeen months tour. The two songs were used by the band to open the stage for other musicians like Lynyrd Skynyrd, Bad Company, Paul Rodgers, and ZZ Top. “Bad Thing” peaked at number 2 on the mainstream rock chart in 1993. The success of the debut album “Brother,” promoted the band’s recognition globally and helped them earn a spot at the Donington Festival in UK.

Sold Over 220,000 Copies of “Brother” in US

While he was still the frontman of “Cry of Love,” the band sold more than 220,000 copies of their debut album “Brother” in the US alone. Since the band had attracted fans from other countries such as the UK and Canada, more copies were sold outside the US. The success of the band’s debut album based on the sales of the initial album, could be attributed to Holland’s amazing vocals. After he left the band, the second album produced, which included Robert Mason as the lead singer did not perform as well as the debut album. The band split toward the end of 1997 after failing to achieve the same level of success that they had attained with their first album. Had Holland stayed with the band, there is a high likelihood that “Cry of Love” might have received the same reaction, love, and support from their fans with their second album. What is Kelly Holland Remembered For?

His time in “Cry of Love”

Holland will be remembered by most people through his contribution to the rock music industry. Although he was a member of “Cry of Love,” for a short period, he was part of the creation of one of the best albums in the early 1990s. While he was not famous before he joined “Cry of Love,” his presence in the band accompanied by the skills and talents of his band mates led to the band’s success and global recognition.

His Voice

Kelly Holland will be remembered for his amazing vocals. His yowling voice, which brought the band’s lyrics to life and made the audience connect with the emotions in their songs, was one of the key factors that contributed to the success of his band in 1993. According to a review of his vocal range published on “The Range Planet,” Holland possessed one of the most agile and effortless high range ever heard in southern rock. Some of his highest notes can be heard in “Peace Pipe” and “Bad Thing.” It is a shame that he felt the band at the peak of his music career.

His Humor

Friends of Holland remember him for his love for comedy. In an article published on “Indy Week,” Amy Pritchard, one of his closest friends reported that after hearing about his death she missed her latenight conversations with Holland and his really bad jokes. She also stated that she never had a single conversation with him, without Holland incorporating a joke in their conversation. Some of his friends described him as a born entertainer who an uncommonly funny guy.

His Charisma

Holland will also be remembered by those who were closest to him because of his charisma. Holland was described by Chuck Harrell as a man who could wrap someone around his finger within a few minutes because of his passion for the things he loved and talked about and his ability to easily connect with people.


Kelly Holland was a talented vocalist with an impressive vocal range. He will continue to be remembered for his performance as the frontman of “Cry of Love,” his passion for rock music, his humor, and his charisma. While his decision to leave, “Cry of Love” came as a surprise to his fans, especially since the band’s first album had been a success, fans will continue to cherish his contribution to the rock and southern rock music industry.

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