Dino Cazares Doesn’t Think The Classic Lineup of Fear Factory Will Come Back

Dino Cazares Doesn't Think The Classic Lineup of Fear Factory Will Come Back

Dino Cazares said that he doesn’t see the original lineup of Fear Factory reuniting for any amount of money. Acknowledging the fans’ longing for them to reunite, the guitarist said it was just a fantasy. He stated they did not want to be with each other anymore. The guitarist recently appeared in another interview, praising Metallica and telling of his memories with James Hetfield. Here’s what Dino Cazares said about the possibility of Fear Factory reuniting on the Scars and Guitars podcast, transcribed by Blabbermouth. Fear Factory is currently promoting its latest single Fuel Injected Suicide Machine. The band is going to release its new album on June 18th.

Dino Cazares: “There’s too much baggage there”

When he was asked whether they could come back if enough money was dangled in front of them, Cazares basically said it was not going to last long.

“Yeah, but it doesn’t mean it’s gonna last long. First of all, you’re trying to get four guys who don’t like each other together. For any amount of money, it doesn’t mean it’s gonna last long. It might not even make it through a whole tour. So why bother? There’s too much baggage there…”


Fear Factory guitarist on fans’ enthusiasm to reunite the band

The guitarist also spoke about the fans’ will to make Fear Factory’s original lineup come back. It’s just a fantasy according to Cazares.

“Of course, it’s like a Fantasy Football League — you wanna put your favorite band together, your favorite team together. That’s all it is. It’s a Fantasy Football League, and that’s all it is. And it’s gonna remain a fantasy for now. I’m never gonna say never, ’cause you never know what’s gonna happen.”

Cazares went on to say the original members did not like each other anymore.

“But I can say now, to get four members that don’t wanna be with each other, don’t wanna hang around each other, don’t wanna be on the same stage with each other… It wouldn’t be fair.”

Fear Factory guitarist on his attempts to get the band to reunite

Dino Cazares actually tried to reform the band’s classic lineup, but his attempts were in vain.

“We actually have tried to sit down and have conversations about mediation, about trying to put the band back together,” he said. “That was something that me and Burton were actually offering to those guys to come back, but their demands were just insanely stupid; it was so high that nobody would benefit from it. So that idea got tossed out way back in 2015 — six years ago.”


Dino Cazares on the lawsuits against him and Bell

Cazares commented on the lawsuits initiated by Olde Wolbers and Herrera against him and Burton C. Bell.

“Lives were changed. Lives were at jeopardy. Careers were at jeopardy because of these lawsuits, and stuff like that. So, whether anybody can forgive each other for that, that’s a whole other thing. I don’t know. I don’t see it for any amount of money. But if we did do it for the money, would that be fair, when there’s no charisma on stage, no one wants to be there? Would that be fair to the fans? I don’t think so.”

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