Keanu Reeves References to Cyberpunk 2077 and Marlon Brando

Keanu Reeves has a message for his fans. Keanu also reveals what he thinks about Cyberpunk 2077, Marlon Brando, and more. And, says how to stay creative during the ongoing pandemic.

His amazing and successful career in the movie industry, from beginnings in Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure to starring as Neo in The Matrix franchise and Wachowski Brothers confirmed the Matrix 4 already in the production stage. Keanu Reeves last year showed up to video game projects like Cyberpunk 2077 and this game still continues to be discussed and played. He is also respectful for his great personality and his fans will likely be eager to hear Reeves’ message for the New Year:

“Try and respect others. Try and continue to get the most out of life, and find ways to get that in this situation, but also to respect it. Find ways to connect. If you can. I mean, just …. survive.”

Keanu Reeves reveals his thoughts for Cyberpunk 2077 and Marlon Brando:

“This has gotten me closer to the idea that I originally heard when I was a young kid with Marlon Brando saying they could make a digital version of him when he was doing ‘Superman’. The Matrix” films further exploring his interest in what a digital character could do onscreen. For “Cyberpunk 2077,” it was the idea that Silverhand might be a different character depending on how someone opts to play the game and interact with him.

That was one of the ideas that drew me to play the role, when CD Projekt Red brought the project to me they showed me and spoke to me about the platform of the game and the character. It’s an open-world, role-playing game. What decisions you make for your dialogue and how you want to be, gives Johnny Silverhand not just one role. I’m playing different versions of the character. That’s something I normally don’t get to do when I inhabit a character.”

“He’s ex-military, disillusioned, angry, started a rock band, who was doing protest music — wake-up music — he was looking for a cause. He was looking at the world around him and confronting hypocrisy and subjugation. That stance of the character felt fun to me. Within that character, they gave him the love of his life. So there’s a tough exterior but underneath is this positive, hoping-for-a-better-world presence. I think we all relate to that. I think what that means is going to change a lot in the next five years for science fiction also modeling, what Epic Games is doing with the Unreal Engine, the pursuit of technologies to create photo-real from the source.

I don’t know where it’s going, but I know it’s going to be wacky. It’s a good kind of puppeteering. Like, if I can play with the animation, I have more control.”

Watch Behind the Scenes: Keanu Reeves below! You can also order ‘Cyberpunk 2077’ on here.

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