Ranking All The Songs from The Fear Soundtrack

The Fear

The Fear is a good movie, with an excellent storyline and performance. One notable fact about this film is that the plot seems more realistic in the present days of violence and fear in many worldwide cities. Fear is a universal theme since everyone has had it arise unexpectedly in certain settings. “Fear” is a fitting title. It plays on every parent’s worry of failing to protect their children from harm. The film excels at showing the concerned father/aggressive daughter connection. This psychological horror movie was composed by Ron Ford in collaboration with Greg H. Sims and was released in the year 1995 in Fresno, California. Initially, the film was released by A-Pix Entertainment on the LaserDisc(LD). The talented Vincent Robert directed this masterpiece that featured some of the most renowned actors in the industry, like Vince Edwards, who made an appearance in this film as his final film role. Other actors who made appearances in The Fear include Leland Hayward, Wes Craven, Eddie Bowz, Monique Mannen, Ann Turkel, and Darin Heames. The film’s plot revolves around a group of problematic young college-going boys and girls who go on a weekend retreat to a lovely remote lodge for a psychological experiment, where a living wooden mannequin threatens them and triggers everyone’s darkest and deepest secrets and emotions. One interesting fact about the movie that I bet you didn’t know is before the opening credits, a title card presents a quote from Elbert Hubbard, “There is no devil but fear.” The Fear Original Motion Soundtrack was composed by two individuals who are Carter Burwell and Kyle Neely, courtesy of Total Post Production, Inc. This film’s soundtrack is made up of six tracks, all performed by different artists, which is great. Well, the soundtrack, like the film itself, was greatly loved by its fans, and it received a lot of positive reviews. This article will list all the tracks that make up the Fear Original Motion Soundtrack.

6. Sweet & Saxy (a Moment of Calm Before You Die) – Kim Waters


This soundtrack is a priceless gem that must be kept until the end of time. The number six track on the soundtrack features smooth jazz and classic style. “Sweet & Saxy (a Moment of Calm Before You Die)” was initially released in 1990 by the Blue Mood label. A version of this track that Kim Waters performed was included in the Fear Original Motion Soundtrack. In retrospect, “Sweet & Saxy (a Moment of Calm Before You Die)” was nothing less than a brilliant song with excellent performance. This song was one of the standout tracks on the film’s soundtrack.

5. InfaRed’sTerror – InfaRed Robert


This is another single hit from the Fear Original Motion Soundtrack. This song was performed by an artist who goes by the name InfaRed Robert. It is a great classic that ages like fine wine. This song exemplified one of those rare situations when the soundtrack outperformed the movie by a significant margin. The lyrics of “InfaRed’sTerror” sound surreal and are the epitome of pure art. It also emphasizes the extraordinary talent of the artists involved in its composition and performance. I can’t believe how innovative and creative this song’s composers were at the time of its release; it’s still incredible today.

4. Graveyard Tales – Terror


“Graveyard Tales” is another rare dope Horrorcore Hip Hop track from the1995 the Fear soundtrack. This song was released in 1994 and was performed by Terror. Other great songs released by Terror include Beat do Vamp, Dominicana, and Qual que é o JET? This perfectly suits this film’s theme, and listening to it will send some feeling of fear and chills all over your body. “Graveyard Tales” is such a terrific song that you should listen to it. This song perfectly rhymes with the scene it is played in the movie; thus, it is one of the most memorable songs on the soundtrack.

3. Fear, Flesh and Blood – Machete


“Fear, Flesh and Blood” is a well-known track featuring a Half Pit Half Dead on the chorus and a rare horrorcore Hip Hop with a reggae feel from the 1995 Fear Horror Movie Soundtrack. Many of its fans refer to this track as the best old-school horrorcore soundtrack of all time. The basic fact that this song has both the reggae and Hip Hop styles makes it so unique and attractive, hence its fans’ immense love. Machete truly outdid himself in the performance of this track; actually, it is regarded as one of his best performances.

2. Black Peter – Machete & Half Pit


This is another song from the film’s soundtrack that made it a success. Without a doubt, the sound really made a significant impact on the film’s soundtrack. “Black Peter” was released in 1994 and was contained in the Fear Original Motion Soundtrack. In collaboration, Machete and Half Pit gave an outstanding performance of this song. This song also features Hip Hop and Rap styles. This track bursts forth in a swirl of distortion and feedback and is chilly, bringing out industrial-tinged anxiety. This track should be one of the reasons you make a point of listening to the film’s soundtrack to feel its greatness on your own.

1. The Fear (Morty’s Theme) – Esham


The number one track in our list of all the songs in the Fear Original Motion Soundtrack is a single performed by Esham. Esham’s flow on this tune is absolutely priceless, proving him to be one of the best lyricists of all time. “The Fear (Morty’s Theme)” is the kind of track that you would like to listen to repeatedly. This song is wonderfully suited to the film’s fear theme and is also known to heighten the sense of fear.

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