First Metallica bassist reveals a pre-Metallica band with James Hetfield

First Metallica bassist reveals their first band with frontman James Hetfield. Here are some new details about their first band before Metallica.

A few days ago, we posted an article for Ron McGovney’s statement. He does not regret his leaving. Now, he makes a new statement about the Metallica’s pre-music band with James Hetfield. He also joined the band in 1981 to 1982 and recorded a few demos with the band before leaving that 1982. However, even before Metallica, there was a ‘Leather Charm’ band. Also, in this with Ron McGovney and the band guitarist and vocalist James Hetfield.

Ron McGovney explains that days on the question from his fan:

“Metallica fans have asked me what James’s band Leather Charm sounded like. We played covers by Iron Maiden, Scorpions, and Quiet Riot. This band called Girl was the closest to what we sounded like. Phil Collen [of Def Leppard] on guitar. We played this song. Hollywood Tease.” Check this tweet below.

Then McGovney posted a new tweet shows very early Metallica days and added:

“James and I are wearing our Leather Charm gear in this early Metallica photo. We played Maiden’s Remember Tomorrow and Wrathchild. Quiet Riot’s Slick Black Cadillac. Scorpion’s Pictured Life. Originals…Hit the Lights, Handsome Ransom, Let’s Go Rock and Roll.” Check it below.

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