Former Metallica bassist talks: “I didn’t regret the leaving”

Former Metallica bassist Ron McGovney has talked about his leaving the band. He answers the question asked from one follower on Twitter.

Ron McGovney is an Ex-Metallica bassist between 1981 to 1982. Also, he is the recording season for the band’s early demos. After, former member Dave Mustaine and McGovney’s tension cause he quits the band. Then Cliff Burton joins the band. He also later interview with ‘Talk Is Jericho’ that his exit from the band wasn’t upsetting to him. Because he doesn’t like too much, the thrash genre music and added he was interested in being a motorcycle.

Metallica’s former bassist Ron McGovney replies response to a tweet from a fan asking him if he has ever regretted leaving to band question on his official Twitter account:

“I would rather have privacy and freedom over money any day of the week.”

Also, he talks in a 2004 interview with AllMetallica.com, McGovney stated about his band’s time:

“All the songs that are found on Metallica – ‘Kill ‘Em All’ were written in my garage and we played all of them when I was in the band. We also did DIAMOND HEAD covers: ‘The Prince’, ‘Sucking My Love’, ‘Am I Evil’, and ‘Helpless’. We covered ‘Blitzkrieg’ by BLITZKRIEG, ‘Let It Loose’ by SAVAGE and ‘Killing Time’ by SWEET SAVAGE. All of those songs can be found on bootlegs, but I have a practice tape of us doing some of those songs. I did some arranging of the songs, but I was never credited with anything. I played at least 28 gigs with the band in the first year.”

Check out this tweet below.

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