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Lamb of God

Lamb of God (LoG), previously dubbed “Burn the Priest,” is an American rock band group specializing in metalcore, New Wave of American Heavy Metal, and Thrash. The band is so unique that it plays on its terms. The purpose of this group is to take away the songs of the world based on the Old Testament meaning of the scapegoat. Over the years, Lamb of God has become one of the most successful metal acts ever to live. Their lyrics dwell on revising society’s injustices and religious hypocrisy. According to Louder Sound, Lamb of God, unfortunately, found one of their own in a tragic incident. The group has released eight albums, hoping they will spread the gospel and expose hypocrisy so that everyone will understand the dynamics of religion. With no further ado, here is a ranking of all the Lamb of God studio albums. Tag along!

8. Wrath (2009)


“Wrath” was released by the group in 2009. However, most people think of the album in “audio” formats. The most interesting bit of this album is that it sounds more metallic. It’s almost as if the Lamb of God is screaming for recognition. You might find it a bit too complex for an average radio listener, but it’s better to give it a standing ovation because it makes everyone talk about it. Featured on this album are songs like:

  • The Passing
  • In Your Words
  • Set to Fail
  • Fake Messiah

7. Resolution (2012)


If you’re a metal diehard, then this album is worth a spot in your playlist. From brutal riffs to killer harmonies and sick vocals, there’s no telling if Chris Adler’s drums will outperform the music. The “Resolution” album is more like heavy metal to groove metal transition. The following songs will make you feel more intense that you will want to add them to your cart:

  • Straight for the Sun
  • Ghost Walking
  • The Undertow

6. VII: Sturm und Drang (2015)


“Sturm und Drang” album from Lamb of God doesn’t show any improvements after “Wrath” and “Resolution.” Perhaps the reason is that the band is trying to fit into the current metal rock standards. All the same, “Still Echoes” is a fantastic opening track, producing the best discography. You might want to stand up on your feet while listening to this track because it’s fast, heavy, and attention-drawing. You will remember this song for as long as you live. The album also features “Erase This,” another heavy and solid track. Save for the catchy chorus, and the verses don’t sound anywhere near heavy. While it might not be one of the most enjoyable albums, Lamb of God tried their best to up their game. Other tracks on this album you should listen to include:

  • Engage the Fear Machine
  • Delusion Pandemic
  • Still Echoes

5. Lamb of God (2020)


If there’s anything LoG is known for, it is consistency. Interestingly, their self-titled tenth record, “Lamb of God,” might have brought it back for an anthem in a way that hadn’t been heard of since Redneck. Each of the first three tracks makes you feel like you’re about to conquer the world. It’s a performance you’d expect to experience when they crush through arena crowds globally every night. Listen to the following songs:

  • Memento Mori
  • Checkmate
  • New Colossal Hate

4. New American Gospel (2000)


Did you know that the “New American Gospel” was more of a transitional album, following the death of metal-infused “Burn the Priest”? Upon listening to the tracks on this album, it’s not difficult noticing that some songs sound more different at once, despite mixing the styles together. It’s almost as if Randy’s vocals sound like the group’s debit. Featuring on this album’s lineup is the track “Black Label.” While it sounds trashy heavy, there are much better songs from the album like:

  • In The Absence of the Sacred
  • Letter to the Unborn

3. As the Palaces Burn (2003)


“As the Palaces Burn” is yet another Lamb of God’s album that boasts new ideas and energy. The tracks on this album sound good, and you can credit the producer, Devin Townsend, for its success. The album kickstarts with “Ruin,” one of the best choruses. There’s no need to take a sear with this album because it’s the shortest. Besides tracks like “Purified,” the album also features:

  • As the Palaces Burn
  • Purified
  • For your Malice

2. Sacrament (2006)


Going by Rate Your Music, “Sacrament” is one of those albums that fans expected to bring out the group’s groove thrash style, but it did the opposite. Interestingly, the album rode the group to success, despite failing in its musical level. The first half might not resonate with the Lamb of God’s audience, but it’s the second half that brings the Lamb of God to its normal standards. The album makes you feel as though the EP is substandard, while the other is an epitome of Lamb of God’s prowess. Either way, it has good songs that you’ll want to hear, such as:

  • Walk with Me in Hell
  • Again, We Rise
  • Foot to the Throat

1. Ashes of the Wake (2004)


According to Best Ever Albums, “Ashes of the Wake” ranked number 8,036 with a total score of 149 in the Overall Greatest Album Chart. The album marked a point where the group was busy perfecting their sound bones while delivering hit-after-hit. It is no surprise that this album dominates the band’s setlists today. Upon listening to the first five tracks, it is no surprise that any LoG considers them the greatest heats that can make any party animal go berserk. Listen to this album if you’re in a party mode

  • Laid to Rest
  • Hourglass
  • Now You’ve Got Something to Die for
  • The Faded Line


While LoG might have attracted a myriad of controversies, their songs featuring in their albums prove otherwise. Like other artists, their primary role is to entertain fans and speak a message that will stay in their memories forever. Listen to these albums to help you decide which one fits your heavy metal preferences.

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