10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dae Dae

Dae Dae is a rapper from Atlanta who is ready to take hip hop to the next level. He has come a long way, from stealing and breaking into people’s houses to fend for his child to making $600 as a concrete worker. His only concern now is the future of his five children, and he is doing everything he can to secure it. Unfortunately, he has made poor choices that have landed him in jail several times; he is currently at the Fulton County Jail on charges of aggravated assault.

1. He Was Arrested For Possession of Marijuana

According to 11 Alive, in February 2018, the hip hop artist was pulled over for speeding in a 70 mph zone. After coming to a stop, the police officer could smell marijuana and spotted a gun in plain view. He searched the vehicle, which yielded another firearm. Since he was with another person in the car, Dae Dae was charged with possession of marijuana which weighed less than an ounce. He tried hiding the evidence on his way to Greene County Jail which earned him another charge of crossing the guard lines with contraband.

2. He is charged with Stabbing a Teenager

In early April 2021, Dae Dae was a suspect wanted in connection with a stabbing incident at the Union City Shop. The stabbing occurred in December 2020 because he could not get the type of donut he wanted. The teenager said the altercation happened after a man could not get a particular food item, but he drove away only to return later and start yelling at her. The surveillance camera showed the man, later identified as Dae Dae, chasing the 17-year-old around the store before using a knife to stab her in the arm.

3. He Became a Father at 14

Dae Dae is now the proud father of five kids, having sired the first one when he was only 14. The rapper, therefore, had to drop out of school to care for the little girl. It was the best decision he could have made because she understands him and always tries to help out with his music. He told Merry Jane (https://merryjane.com/music/dae-dae-atlanta-rapper-interview) that his daughter plays the most significant role in his music, although all his kids love music.

4. He Always Wanted to be A Rapper

The rapper comes from a musical family; therefore, he watched his father and brother rap. He confessed that they influenced him into loving the music, and he enjoyed the creativity behind it. His father even had a studio in the house, but unfortunately, they were raided during a drug bust and the studio equipment confiscated. As a result, Dae Dae had to postpone his dream of becoming a rapper.

5. He is a Marijuana User

Of course, for someone who was once arrested for possession of marijuana, it makes sense that he uses it regularly. The rapper does not bother hiding the fact that he smokes it, saying that the drug helps calm his nerves. Like most musicians who claim that cannabis facilitates the creative process of making music, Dae Dae shares the same thoughts. So much is the drug’s influence that he admitted he is probably high every time he writes a song. He added that smoking has helped expand his social circle because people always come together when sharing a joint.

6. Lyrics to His Hit Song “Wat U Mean”

Gazette Review published that Dae Dae lost the studio equipment and had to start from scratch. That meant doing odd jobs that included concrete and flooring work. During this time, some lyrics stuck to his head when he was freestyling in his mind; therefore, he stopped the grinder to jot them down in his notepad. Eventually, the lyrics became a song that would put him on a path towards becoming a renowned rapper. He wanted to record it and make a mixtape, but as someone who was doing open mic sessions, he had to put out original work, and he chose the song.

7. He Got Money Every Year from His Mother

Dae Dae began making music when he was 15, but he had never thought about having his own studio. The rapper reasoned he could always rely on his friend’s studios. Therefore each year, his mother would give $700, and the young Dae Dae would buy games, bikes, and whatever else he pleased. However, one day his father told him it would be best to invest in his own studio; hence he spent the $700 for that year on studio equipment.

8. He is a Dog Lover

You would think that for someone arrested for stabbing a teenager, he would not be compassionate even towards animals. However, the strange thing is that the rapper has a soft spot for the canines. He told Tidal that he loves dogs so much that he finds himself watching Animal Planet a lot. His favorite show is “Animal Cops” because then he gets to see those who mistreat dogs being punished.

9. His Favorite Artist

Dae Dae’s favorite artist is the late Tupac, but now that he is gone, he would love to collaborate with other musical giants. He confessed to loving Jay-Z, Kendrick Lamar, Drake, and Andre 3000. However, of all the rappers alive, he dreams of ever doing a song with Anthony Hamilton. Such collaboration is his priority and even if he fails to accomplish any other, recording music with Hamilton is enough.

10. He Had Refused to Care for His Baby

According to REVOLT, Dae Dae was not ready to be a father yet at 14; therefore, even when his girlfriend said she was pregnant, he claimed it was not his. However, the rapper’s father was not ready to have a son who was not taking care of his own family, so he had Dae Dae ask the girl to take the child to Dae Dae’s father.

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