The 10 Best Anthony Hamilton Songs of All-Time

Anthony Hamilton

Singer, songwriter, and music producer Anthony Hamilton may have managed to stay under the radar all these years, but it doesn’t mean he’s not successful. Considered by many to be one of soul and R&B’s greatest, Hamilton is the kind of artist that creates music that endures. His smooth style and flawless crooning is truly one of a kind—there’s no one out there that’s even remotely close to his sound. With 7 studio albums and countless collaborations under his discography, Hamilton has a playlist for every occasion. Here are the 10 best Anthony Hamilton songs of all time.

10. A Change is Gonna Come


It could be possible that Hamilton was born in the wrong era. Hearing him on A Change is Gonna Come brings on feels of Donny Hathaway. It’s the kind of song that just takes you to another place. It’s smooth and unbelievably effortless on Hamilton’s part. A Change is Gonna Come is also slightly different from the rest of his repertoire, and that’s why we believe it belongs on this list.

9. Pray for Me


Some might argue that Pray for Me should be higher on the list, and it could very well be on another given day. This song has such a simple approach to it, in which Hamilton’s voice shines well on his middle register. It’s the kind of song you play on a quiet Friday evening—it’s subtle and gentle and surprisingly memorable.

8. Can’t Let Go


Easily a Hamilton favorite, Can’t Let Go is a great example of a true R&B classic and neo-soul. The electric piano adds a touch of sentimentality, but the horns really take the song home. Hamilton’s enviable rasp is prominent here. Hamilton always sings from the depths of his soul, and that’s easy to pick up from this song.

7. Woo


There’s something cool about the vibe and rhythm of Woo. From the 2011 album Back to Love, Woo is a fun and engaging song that showcases Hamilton’s versatility not just vocally but musically as well. As always, his vocals shine in some of the higher register phrases, and his adlibs are just perfection. Hamilton is regarded as a true singer’s singer—he never disappoints. Woo is the kind of song you can have on repeat and still vibe nonstop.

6. Do You Feel Me


It’s a shame that Anthony Hamilton is not as mainstream as he should be because songs like Do You Feel Me should be heard by everyone. It’s a good thing then that the song is featured in the movie, American Gangster, featuring the legendary Denzel Washington. Thematically, the song sounds like it’s from the 60s. Hamilton’s delivery, as always, is divine. Written by the talented Diane Warren, Do You Feel Me is timeless. Interestingly, Hamilton also happened to make a cameo in the movie—something worth checking out.

5. Struggle No More


Featuring two other R&B greats, Jaheim and Musiq Soulchild, Struggle No More is another Hamilton song that’s featured in another movie soundtrack. Tyler Perry’s Daddy’s Little Girls came out in 2007. Although the movie received mixed reviews, the soundtrack came out solid. Struggle No More is a powerful song lyrically. It’s relatable and the melody is extremely catchy. Hamilton’s talent is only magnified on this song working with his collaborators—something that anyone can pick up on any of his many collaborations with other artists.

4. The Point of It All


The intro alone to The Point of It All is enough to rope you in. The mesmerizing piano coupled with Hamilton’s impressive tone is undeniably perfect. The Point of It All comes from Hamilton’s namesake fourth album released back in 2008, which debuted at number 12 on the US Billboard 200. This particular track isn’t even the lead single on the album, but it’s easily the crowd pleaser. Hamilton manages a totally unique melody line with such finesse that only a genius could pull off.

3. Best of Me


Anthony Hamilton’s style of music has a feel-good appeal to it, and Best of Me is probably the best example of this. This song is from Hamilton’s fifth studio album, Back to Love, which was nominated for the Grammy Award for Best R&B album. In fact, two other songs from that album has already made this list. Best of Me is a favorite from that album because the melody line is the kind that just sticks to your head on repeat—in a great way. Grab a frozen drink and stroll the beach—that’s the Best of Me vibe.

2. Comin’ From Where I’m From


It’s funky and it’s gritty. From its namesake album, Comin’ From Where I’m From is a good example of Hamilton’s earlier soul-inspired work. There’s almost a necessity in his delivery in this song, as if to tell everyone that he’s ready to be heard. Fans of Hamilton should know that he had difficulty getting established early in his career and even had a couple of albums unpublished. This song was bold statement and an excellent piece of vocal work.

1. Charlene


There’s no question that Charlene is one of Hamilton’s best songs and the topper to this list. Charlene remains Hamilton’s biggest single to date, and it’s also the most popular. When people talk about Anthony Hamilton today, most automatically associate him with this one song. The appeal of Charlene is probably the mystery of the subject matter but also the incredible melody and music. Hamilton shines vocally as expected, as if he were made to sing this song. Charlene gave Hamilton his first ever Grammy nomination. Although he lost to Prince in the category, it put Hamilton’s name out there as someone to look out for.

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