The 10 Best Florida Death Metal Bands

Death Metal

Death metal, a sub-genre of heavy metal, is a genre that became popular in the 1980s. The lyrical themes include subjects such as violence and conflict, while the musical style is distinguished by growling vocals, aggressive drumming, and distorted or low-tuned guitars. There are bands from across the globe that play thrash metal, but the genre became particularly popular in the United States and the UK. One area of America that is home to many thrash metal bands is Florida. Here are the 10 best Florida thrash metal bands.

10. Hate Eternal


Hate Eternal is a band from St. Petersburg in Florida. The line-up of the band has changed many times, and now the only original members are J.J. Hrubovcak and Erik Rutan. Hate Eternal has released seven studio albums. Their first was ‘Conquering the Throne’ in 1999. Most recently, they released ‘Upon desolate Sands’ in 2018. Three of their albums were in the top 20 in the US Heat charts.

9. Nocturnus


Loudwire lists Nocturnus’ 1990 album The Key as one of the albums that every death metal fan should own. Drummer and vocalist Mike Browning, who had previously been a member of Morbid Angel, formed the group in Florida in 1987. Nocturnus stood out from other death metal bands because the lyrics predominantly focused on science fiction films, and they also included keyboards in the tracks.

8. Massacre


Massacre has been known by several names since the band was formed in Florida in 1984, including Massacre X and Gods of Death. The original band members were Allen West, Rick Rozz, Bill Andrews, and Terry Butler. They were then joined by vocalist Kam Lee. Over time, the line-up has changed several times. Massacre released their debut album in 1991, followed by a second album in 1996. The group did not release a third album until 2014. However, they have also released two EPs.

7. Atheist


The members of Athe3ist are vocalist and guitarist Kelly Schaefer, bassist Roger Patterson, guitarist Rand Burkey, and drummer Steve Flynn. They formed the band in 1984, and they became known for their technical style. Although they released four studio albums and one live album, they are best known for their second studio album, ‘Unquestionable Presence.’ It was this album that shaped the way for technical death metal. The group disbanded in 1994 but then reformed in 2006.

6. Monstrosity


Originating from Fort Lauderdale in Florida, Monstrosity is a death metal band that was formed in the early 1990s, by which time death metal was well established as a subgenre of heavy metal. The band’s line-up has changed many times, and the only existing original member of the group is drummer Lee Harrison. Monstrosity released their debut album ‘Imperial Doom’ in 1992 and released a further five studio albums and three live albums.

5. Malevolent Creation


Malevolent Creation was originally formed in 1987 in Buffalo, New York. However, they are included on this list because they moved to Florida a year later to become part of the emergent death metal scene in the state. Florida has since remained the band’s base. Although there were formed in 1987, the band did not release their debut album until 1991, and they have since gone on to release 13 studio albums and three live albums.

4. Deicide


Guitarist brothers Eric and Brian Hoffman and drummer Steve Asheim formed Deicide in 1987 in Tampa, Florida. They then hired Glen Benton as the vocalist and bassist. The group was originally called Amon, but they changed the name to Deicide in 1989. Deicide has released 12 studio albums, two compilation albums, and one live album. Songs by Deicide have lyrics covering topics such as blasphemy, anti-Christianity, and Satanism.

3. Morbid Angel


Trey Azagthoth found Morbid Angel in Tampa, Florida, in 1983. He was the group’s guitarist and primary composer. The other members of the band are drummer Mike Browning and Dallas Ward, the vocalist and bassist. Originally, Morbid Angel was a thrash metal group, but they transitioned into the death metal subgenre. After signing to Giant Records in 1992, Morbid Angel became one of the first death metal bands to achieve commercial success.

2. Death


Ranker lists Death as one of the best Florida death metal bands. Not to be mistaken with the punk rock band of the same name from Michigan, Death is a death metal band from Florida that was formed in Altamonte Springs, Florida. Not only were the group one of the most influential bands in heavy metal, but they are also considered a pioneering force in death metal. They released their debut album, ‘Scream Bloody Gore,’ in 1987, and it is considered one of the first death metal albums released. Death had an ever-changing line-up, and they disbanded in 2001 following the death of Chuck Schuldiner, the band’s lead vocalist and guitarist and one of the founding members.

1. Obituary


According to Last FM, the best Florida death metal band is Obituary. The band was formed in 1984 in Tampa, Florida, and they are considered an important band in terms of the development of death metal. They have become one of the most successful death metal bands of all time and have released ten studio albums. Obituary’s debut album was ‘Slowly We Rot,’ which was released in 1989. The band’s most recent album was the 2017 self-titled album. The band has performed live in various locations across the globe throughout their career, except for when the band split from 1997 to 2003.

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