10 Things You Didn’t Know about Hoodrich Pablo Juan

Hoodrich Pablo Juan

Have you heard of Hoodrich Pablo Juan? You might know that he’s a rapper, but what else do you know? Here are 10 things about him you may find intriguing.

1. He doesn’t like early mornings

He makes no bones about it, he does not like early mornings. He’s definitely not alone in his dislike for early mornings. It seems like a lot of people share his views on that. In fact, it seems like it’s even more prevalent among people who are naturally creative. Maybe there’s nothing to it, but it does make one wonder if the natural tendency to create things is more prevalent late at night, as a lot of people who consider themselves to be extraordinarily creative tend to enjoy staying up at night almost as much as they dislike getting up early in the morning.

2. He takes a lot of drugs

This guy takes a lot of drugs and he doesn’t even try to hide that fact. It seems like it’s just part of his background, so to him, none of it seems like a big deal. As far as he’s concerned, his drug of choice involves various kinds of sedatives, often referred to as ‘downers.’

3. He wants to expand his music

He says that he has a strong desire to expand his music and create things he hasn’t created in the past. That’s only natural of most individuals who enjoy creating things like hip hop. No one wants to feel like they have become stagnant, especially when they’re counting on the approval of the public to make sure that they eat. As such, he has a desire to create new types of sounds and talk about different things in his music so that he can keep his talent fresh. This in turn makes it more likely that people will keep listening to his music as opposed to growing tired of hearing the same old thing time and again.

4. He cares what his fans think, but not much else

He says that he cares a great deal about what his fans think, but he doesn’t really care what anyone else thinks. Furthermore, he has commented many times over that he has never cared what other people think of him. He has made the statement in previous interviews that when he was growing up, people had a tendency to label him because of where he was from. It was something that he despised, but it’s also something that he became somewhat desensitized to. As an adult, he’s learned not to care what other people think. He simply does what he does and if you like it fine. If you don’t, that’s fine too.

5. He thinks he is largely misunderstood

He has often commented that other people tend to think that he isn’t the nicest guy in the room, but he doesn’t think that’s the case. He has openly admitted that his music has a tendency to sound overly aggressive, often as a direct result of the things that he has experienced firsthand growing up in a disadvantaged area where people often assume that you’re guilty before they even get to know you. He says that he tries to be nice to everyone, but people listen to his music and get the wrong idea about who he is. Of course, he also says if you give him a reason to become that person, he can definitely accommodate that.

6. He’s street smart

There’s no doubt about the fact that he’s street-smart. He says that growing up in Atlanta, he had no choice but to become that way. Even though he was born in New Jersey, he and his family moved to a disadvantaged area of Atlanta when he was three years old and he lived there the whole time he was growing up. He says that it taught him a lot of things and not all of those things were good. However, it also gave him the street smarts that he needs to survive in a world that isn’t always safe or kind.

7. He’s also book smart

He’s somewhat annoyed by the fact that people are almost always shocked that he’s also book smart. He graduated high school early because he was so smart he was able to advance a grade. He gets very frustrated with the way people automatically assume that anyone from a disadvantaged neighborhood, especially people of color, is automatically less intelligent than a privileged white kid. He tries to point this fact out to anyone who will listen because he wants to change the way that people think about kids that grew up in neighborhoods like his own.

8. He wants to help the people he cares about the most

One of the reasons that he got into music was so that he could take care of the people he cares about the most. That’s also what drives him to work so hard and put in the long hours. He wants to be able to make enough money to care for everyone that he’s close to. He has openly said that it’s not about buying a lot of fancy cars or buying one house after another. For him, it’s about getting everyone that he’s closest to together, all of them moving to a safe place where they can all live close to each other and all being happy. He wants to be the one to pay for it as a way of saying thank you for their kindness over the years.

9. He wanted to include something for everyone on his new album

He has said that he never wants anyone to feel left out, and that fact is reflected in his latest album where he included something for everyone. He knows what it feels like to be left out and he knows it doesn’t feel good when it happens. As a result, he has made it a point to try and not do that by including something for everyone on his new album.

10. He hopes his music will bring attention to problems no one wants to hear about

People have a tendency to close their ears and their minds when it comes to talking about the problems in disadvantaged areas, especially when it involves people of color. He hopes that his music will change that because that’s exactly what he talks about. He says it’s something that needs to be discussed and if this is the only way he can get his point across, he’ll do it again and again.

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