10 Things You Didn’t Know about YK Osiris

When YK Osiris released his single “Worth It” in 2019, he quickly became one of the most talked-about new artists in R&B. Many believed that he was a great representation for what the next generation of R&B is going to sound like. His unique style helped him stand out from the rest, and the song became a hit almost instantly. Not only did YK Osiris earn the admiration of millions of fans, but he also got co-signs from some of the biggest artists in the industry, including Drake. Although it’s been a couple of years since he released new music, there are lots of people who are really looking forward to hearing what he does next.  Keep reading to learn 10 things you didn’t know about YK Osiris.

1. He’s From Florida

YK Osiris was born and raised in the Jacksonville, Florida area. There isn’t much known about his upbringing, but it’s clear that he’s very proud of where he’s from. Although he will always have love for Jacksonville, he has also expressed that it can be difficult to make it out because people don’t like helping each other.

2. He Didn’t Always Think He Had A Good Voice

Music has always been important to YK Osiris, but he didn’t always think that he had what it took to have a successful career. During an interview with XXL, he said, “When I was young, I didn’t take it serious at first until somebody told me that, you know, ‘You got a great voice. It’s unique.’ And I just started taking it very seriously because I didn’t really think I could sing at first”.

3. He’s Had Some Run-Ins With The Law

Things in YK Osiris’ life haven’t always been easy, and he’s had to make some difficult decisions in order to get by. Unfortunately, some of those decisions landed him in trouble with the authorities. When he was in his early teens, he was arrested multiple times for stealing. He was also arrested in the fall of 2019 for allegedly assaulting his girlfriend.

4. Michael Jackson Is One Of His Biggest Inspirations

In addition to being an artist, YK Osiris is also a fan and Michael Jackson is one of the people whose music he loves the most. He told XXL, “One of the artists who I looked up to that inspired me is Michael Jackson ’cause he have a lot of pain, he just not a singer, he a artist”.

5. He Doesn’t Smoke Or Drink

Smoking and drinking are typically seen as coming with the territory of the music industry. However, YK Osiris has no interest in partaking in either of those things. He doesn’t smoke, drink, or do any kind of drugs. He prefers to stay sober and focused and has found that that works best for him.

6. He Believes He’s The King Of R&B

Any time people refer to themselves as a king or queen or say they’re the best at something, it always raises a few eyebrows. So as you can probably imagine, YK Osiris declaring himself the king of the new generation of R&B didn’t sit right with a lot of people. His statement was especially shocking because he took shots at fellow singers, Jacquees and Bryson Tiller in the process.

7. His Family Is Very Supportive

YK Osiris hasn’t opened up much about his personal life, but in an interview with Billboard, he mentioned that his family has been very supportive of his journey. They always knew that he was going to be successful so they’re really enjoying getting to see him do his thing in the music industry.

8. He Isn’t Going To Let The Money Change Him

We’ve all heard crazy stories about people who get rich and famous and forget who they are and where they came from. That’s something YK Osiris never wants to do. Even though making music has completely changed his life, he is the same person underneath it all and no money can change that.

9. His Faith Is Important To Him

YK Osiris hasn’t gone into detail about his religious beliefs, but it’s very clear that he believes in God. In a social media video, YK Osiris explained that God is not happy with the music industry and he believes that all of the ‘gifts’ that come with being a famous artist are really from the devil.

10. He Almost Got Shot

In 2018, YK Osiris’ van was shot at in a drive-by shooting in Saint Louis. He was fortunate to make it out without any industries, but four people were hit with bullets. Thankfully, there were no fatalities. After the incident, YK Osiris thanked God for keeping him safe.

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