10 Things You Didn’t Know about Dahvie Vanity

Dahvie Vanity

Jesus David Torres, whose stage name is Dahvie Vanity is an American-based singer, songwriter, and the founder of the Blood on the Dance Floor band. Vanity was born on September 5 1984 and was raised in North Carolina. He got into music in 2006. He released his first album “Let’s Start A Riot” with his band in 2008. Vanity has worked on numerous projects with his band and released songs ranging from electronic pop, electronica to crunkcore genres. While he is a popular musician and influencer in the electronic pop industry and most aspects of his career and life are public, here are ten things that you probably didn’t know about Dahvie Vanity.

10. Besides being a musician Vanity is also a Tigi Trained Hairdresser

Dahvie Vanity is hair styling expert. He is skilled in cutting and dyeing hair to perfection or based on his customers’ expectations. He also creates clip-in hair extension and advertises both his hairdressing profession and hair products on his “My Space” account and other social media platforms. According to a post on his band’s official page, Vanity’s hairdressing skills and his ability to style clip-in hair extensions earned him the name “Elite Hair God”.

9. He is a philanthropist

Vanity has participated in various philanthropic activities. Through his hard work and commitment to creating music for his fans, he has amassed a considerable amount of money for himself and his band. He donated some of his money to a children’s home that catered for children whose parents were either drug addicts or were in prison. Despite the debates existing about his reputation and character, the action of donating money to the children’s home was heart-warming.

8. He is fan-oriented

Vanity is a fan-oriented artist who keeps in touch with his fans. Despite his internet fame, Vanity has managed to remain fan-oriented by posting bulletins on his social media pages and writing blog entries that address questions raised by his fans. He replies to most of the fan mail that he receives from his fans and despite the controversies that have been associated with his name over the past few years, he has managed to remain friendly and humble. In an interview by Rock Forever Magazine, Vanity stated that the best part of touring was interacting with his fans.

7. He was engaged to Fallon Ven Detta

Vanity was engaged to his ex-girlfriend Fallon Den Detta, who is a tattoo artist. They had had an on and off relationship for a while before their engagement. The couple got engaged in a private Japanese ceremony, while they were in Tokyo, Japan. Vanity announced their engagement on September 6 2017, on an Instagram post. In an interview conducted by Pastel Belle on her YouTube channel, Detta revealed that their relationship ended and that she supported all the victims that had come out after being molested by Vanity.

6. He has been Accused of Being a Pedophile

Vanity has been assessed several times for being a pedophile. The band produces graphic music, characterized by sexual content. Most of the band’s fans are also individuals below 18 years. In the past few years, the 37-year-old musician has been accused of grooming some of his younger fans and molesting them. According to the accusations, which have been addressed on numerous internet websites, some of the fans that he approached were as young as 13 years old. His case is still being investigated by the FBI.

5. His Initial band name was “Love the Fashion”

When Vanity and his friends, Christopher Mongillo and Rebecca Fugate, formed their band in 2007, they named the band “Love the Fashion,” then later on changed the name of the band to “Blood on the Dance Floor.” Since Vanity and his friends used to work as professional hairdressers, there is a high likelihood that the initial band name was linked to their love for fashion and beauty.

4. Ash Costello Accused Him of Choking Her

Guitarist Ash Costello accused Vanity of choking her. In an interview with Chris Hansen, Ash Costello stated that a masked figure, whom she believes was Vanity, choked her and almost killed her while they were on the same tour in 2010. She also stated that she did not report the case because she wanted to prove to her record label that she could handle it and was not going to complain like a child. She also reported that her team had pressured her to continue performing on the tour until the last day.

3. He was Born in a Low-Income Family

Vanity was born in a relatively poor family and spend most of his childhood life living in a trailer with his family. His family moved to Florida in search of greener pastures. At a young age, Vanity was always interested in getting into the music industry but he did not receive any support from his family to help him record his initial projects. The poor financial status of his family might have also contributed to their disregard for his love for music.

2. He is a Bob Marley Fan

Vanity stated Bob Marley has significantly influenced his life and music career. He talked about Bob Marley’s influence in his life after he had been asked about the encouraging quotes that his band posts on social media. He stated that Bob Marley wrote most of his music with the intent of helping people. His band strives to release music that serves the same purpose and offers their fans a voice or medium to express themselves.

1. Tattoos

Vanity’s body is covered with a wide range of tattoos. In an interview posted on “PITCAM” YouTube channel under a playlist dedicated to understanding the stories behind people’s tattoos, Vanity and Jayy Von Monroe explained some of the reasons behind their tattoos. In the interview, Vanity stated that he dedicated his left arm to “Final Fantasy Seven” characters. He also revealed that he is a big gamer and that his decision to have the characters tattooed on his entire arm was based on his love for the game. He also stated that every character in the game represented a small part of his persona.


Dahvie Vanity’s is quite famous among his MySpace fans and the younger generation. His music career has developed over the years. He built his fame from scratch by linking up with his friends to create his initial music band. While there are many controversies about his life, his role in promoting the growth of electronica to crunkcore music cannot be overlooked.

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