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Trapt is a California Rock-and-roll band. They formed the group in Los Gatos, California. The members of Trapt include Chris Taylor Brown, Pete Charell, and Brendan Hengle. The group has delivered eight studio albums. Fans appreciate the fresh approach that Trapt offers. The band uniquely mixes Nu metal, post-grunge, alternative rock and metal, and challenging rock themes. Here are the 10 best Trapt songs of all time as chosen by fans and critics.

10. “Bring It”

The Top Tens lists “Bring It” as the tenth-best song ever performed by Trapt. It’s the kind of song that gives you an extra charge of energy and makes you feel like you can do anything. Fans love putting this song on when tackling big cleaning jobs or work projects because it gives you that extra bump that lifts your mood and gets you up and moving around. It’s also good for getting over a bad relationship. “Bring It” is a classic that will remain a Trapt favorite.

9. “End of My Rope”

This is another Trapt song that resonates with most listeners. The official video for the song elicited positive comments from listeners who got the words of the song and could easily relate to its message. “End of My Rope” is a song that stimulated a new interest in Trapt’s music with relevant lyrics that resonate with the average listener, and there are plenty of them out there that not only love the riffs but also pay attention to the lyrics.

8. “Influence”

“Influence is a song for the ages that will always hold its relevance. It came out on the “Someone in Control” album released in 2005. It’s a song about addiction and the issues that the problem causes. It’ bout the world closing in on you and looking for anyone that can help you find a reason to fight. This is an emotional song that makes us stop and think about the people in our lives, and those perhaps we’ve given up on, viewing them in a different light.

7. “Sound Off”

“Sound Off came out as a track on the “No Apologies” album in 2010. It’s no wonder that it is currently in the top ten best Trapt songs today. It’s about standing up for what you believe about, being vocal, and telling the government that they’re not going to tell you what to do with any measure of effectiveness. It’s not about a single issue but rather about refusing to let an unjust government dictate what you’re going to believe in. It’s a somewhat scathing song that has its purpose in today’s social climate.

6. “Echo”

“Echo” came out in 2004. This is a song that guys who are going through relationship troubles can easily relate to. It’s for the guys who are having a hard time moving forward after a breakup, and it’s about getting yourself squared away. “Echo” features meaningful lyrics that can help you take it easier on yourself and go with the flow. The words help you realize that you have got to let time help you out on that one.

5. “Lost Realist”

Fans of Trapt on the Watch Mojo site, rated “Lost Realist” as the fifth favorite song from the group of all time. Quite a few of Trapt’s fans prefer the older songs such as this one over their newer material. It’s a solid song that gives listeners a feeling of nostalgia, and some even mention they feel transported back to more carefree times when they hear this song.

4. “These Walls”

Top Ten ranks “These Walls” as the fourth best song from the band. Fans weigh in with their opinions of the tune and comment on its mellow verses and harder chorus. Many believe it should be elevated to a higher status in the top ten rankings and it’s a personal favorite of a lot of Trapt listeners. We leave it in the fourth spot but echo concerns that it is one of the group’s most underrated songs.

3. “Who’s Going Home With You Tonight”

“Who’s Going Home With You Tonight” was released in 2008, appearing on the “Only Through the Pain” album. It ws also released in June of that year as the first single from the album. The song charted on Hot Mainstream Rock Tracks peaking at the 11th position. It’s still popular with Trapt listeners today.

2. “Still Frame”

It doesn’t matter where you look on fan and critics reviews ratings, most place “Still Frame” as the second-best song ever performed by Trapt. The song came out in 2002 and became an instant Trapt classic. It received a lot of airplay and it’s still a popular choice for listeners, particularly those who prefer the older songs from the band.

1. “Headstrong” Acoustic Version

Apple Music ranks the Trapt song “Headstrong” with the acoustic version as the tenth most popular of all the band’s songs currently. This is one of the lower ratings with most others placing it higher on the list and some ranking it as number one. The title was released in 2012 on Trapt’s Greatest hits album as a re-recording that somewhat revived its popularity and it remains among the top ten hits of the group to this day, nearly a decade after its release. The song peaked at #4 on music charts in 2002 and went to number 2 the following year. It’s a classic for Trapt that has staying power.

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