Queen’s Brian May talks about Coronavirus changing the world

Queen guitarist Brian May talks about Coronavirus changing our world, and humans. He also interviews to ITV News and shares his thoughts about this COVID-19 pandemic.

A few days ago Brian posted an Instagram post and wrote: “Simple wisdom. Lockdown lore. Art by @jurassicanna – fast becoming one of my favorite artists. Coronavirus COVID-19 is reshaping our world, and humans, quite adaptable creatures, are beginning to find rainbows in the darkness.” In this post we saw Brian was walking under the rainbow also he is dealing with his phone with Stay Safe and Stay Home message.

Queen guitarist Brian May interview for the Coronavirus:

“It works for me it makes me smile and a lot of things to do at the moment it’s a very hard time when this is a tragedy but there are things to be grateful for and I hope you can hear me you know there’s a lot of people who are in terrible times you know and we’re going to lose a lot of people it might be me seen as I’m an elderly young vulnerable person. ”

Then continued:

“I’ve been through some dark times you know and I’m the kind of I am a depressive really. So I found it very difficult at first especially the loss of freedom but I’m kind of getting through it and I’m finding that there are joys to be found in isolation so a lot of stuff people are getting very creative and when we come out of this I think there will be some great lessons we have learned.

I hope we remember the lessons that we’ve learned that we can work from home the cars can stop the planes can stop the air can get clear I mean suddenly we can all breathe again that’s gonna save countless lives there are no animals being knocked down on the roads anymore our wildlife rescue is experiencing a tremendous difference all these things which we think are part of our society and can’t be got rid of all the evils that the humanity has brought to the world they’re not inevitable maybe we can change. Maybe we need a new direction.”

Also added about writing new songs: 

Do you know I’m busier than ever because there’s a lot of demands. People like to do things online you know for videos and things. I find I haven’t got enough time in the day it’s very strange I can do a lot of what I want to do at home. In fact, I’m wondering how I had time to tour. But you know it’s been great and I do it I kind of nightly micro concert I play the guitar most nights to people and just kind of I take requests for what they want to hear. And I’ve had people jamming along with me we should become a nice thing I have a little. Hashtag jam with Brian and so you know I’ve loaded it I am very much occupied. I’m also very hopeful that we can find a new way of doing everything.

Queen guitarist Brian May gonna continue to online lessons for the new songs. You can watch the full interview below.

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