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Tech N9ne

Tech N9ne may not a be an artist who’s name you’d be familiar with at first glance but the rapper has quite the extensive resume of not only the amount of work he’s created but the variation of projects and genres that he associated with throughout his career. Generally a rapper of the hardcore rap genre, the artist has done music with a large variety of artists such as Jonathan Davis of Korn, Hollywood Undead, Corey Taylor of Slipknot, other rappers including some on his Strange Music label. Tech N9ne touches a bit into every genre with his music but the artist has supported exclusively metal festivals as well. The artist’s discography is constantly loaded with surprises and Tech N9ne is always releasing music. Below we’ve talked about the most interesting songs from Tech N9ne and dissect them a bit on our Tech N9ne ranked list.

10. Am I A Psycho?

Am I A Psycho? is simultaneously a typical Tech N9ne song in the sense of the beat and the dark tones while also being different with how steady the song is overall when the artist is generally more hardcore. The song featured Hopsin and B.o.B. and is mostly interesting as the song showed a rarely seen side of B.o.B. but also provided some of Hopsin’s catchier lines.


9. Hood Go Crazy

Hood Go Crazy is more of a song that sounds like it would come from featured guest 2 Chainz discography but this song overall is just more proof that Tech N9ne can perform an array of different hip-hop ad rap styles in his music. A strong song, some of the best of Tech N9ne and 2 Chainz, two artists that never seem to stick to one specific style but still define themselves.


8. No Reason (The Mosh Pit Song)

No Reason (Most Pit Song) was another interesting song from Tech N9ne, earning its placement on our ranked list for its callback to the way Tech N9ne is referred to in other realms of the music industry, appeasing more to metal fans that enjoy Tech N9ne. This interesting track featured Machine Gun Kelly and Y2, and in turn, the song became more interesting than the average Tech N9ne song.


7. Caribou Lou

Caribou Lou is beyond a drinking song, maintaining the general sound that Tech N9ne has as a hardcore rapper, with lyrical genius sewn throughout. However when it comes to Everready, Caribou Lou is the only song that truly stands out on this release from the artist. Overall the album just didn’t hit as hard or vibe generally the way that a Tech N9ne album would, even with the surprises the artist has incorporated into his music throughout the years.


6. Roadkill

Roadkill is yet another interesting song from Tech N9ne but this time around the rapper worked with Canadian DJ Excision and neither artist held back from their genres on this collaboration as both artists brought out the both of both worlds in this track. Excision delivers a beautifully aggressive track as he always does and Tech N9ne played right into the dubstep genre with his lay of the lyrics.


5. Wither

Wither is yet another very interesting song from Tech N9ne and featured the one and only metal king: Corey Taylor of Slipknot and Stone Sour. Corey Taylor himself in recent years has expanded his guest features and the variety of artists that he is willing to collaborate with. Wither has so many metal tones to it that are perfect for metal fans of Tech N9ne, as it almost feels like a Slipknot song featuring Tech N9ne more than anything else.


4. Don’t Nobody Want None

Don’t Nobody Want None, as well as another song on our most interesting Tech N9ne songs ranked list, featured samples from hit electronic songs that clearly inspired Tech N9ne himself early in his life. This specific track was from one of Tech N9ne’s albums that pulls several elements from a certain general of music that helped the genre evolve to where it is today and beyond.


3. Bass Ackwards

Bass Ackwards is immediately one of the most interesting songs from Tech N9ne with the title alone being something that fans of the artist should be very familiar with: twisted wordplay. While the artist has always used twisted wordplay through his music, sinilar to Eminem with his infamous use of onomatopoeia. This song specifically more than another features the strange use of Tech N9ne’s vocabulary in extreme new ways with another wordsmith: Lil Wayne.


2. Planet Rock 2k (Down South Mix)

Planet Rock 2k (Down South Mix) is a song from Tech N9ne’s debut studio album, The Calm Before The Storm, and features a much different sound than what fans of the artist today would recognize. For the time however, the music was very fitting for the late 90’s, early 2000’s and helped establish the artist for the variety he is known for today.


1. Speedom (WWC2)

Known for being a very strong lyricist, Tech N9ne carries aspects of his music directly to follow-up efforts and also tells incredible stories whenever presented with the opportunity, through both single songs and concept releases. Possibly one of Tech N9ne’s most famous songs, not jsut for the artist himself but for one of the biggest features he’s ever had: Eminem. In the song itself Tech N9ne says how getting Eminem on the song was a gamble, but he’s the guest spot.

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