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The Band Perry

The Band Perry is an American country music band comprising siblings Kimberly Marie Perry, Reid Hogan Perry, and Neil Clark Perry. Initially, the brothers performed in most of Kimberly’s road shows for her music band, opening up an act called Mobile Music Machines. According to Classic Rock History, The Band Perry’s break came through their second album, Pioneer, released in 2013. The Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA) and Music Canada (MC) earned the album certified platinum. So far, this band has released the ten best songs.

10. “Live Forever” (2015)

Life is all about living to its full potential. That’s the analogy that Band Perry uses to compare the message portrayed in their “Live Forever” song. Released in 2015, the song peaked at 27 on the US Billboard’s Country Airplay and 29 on the Hot Country Songs chart. The US Adult Contemporary chart ranked it 32, while Canada’s Billboard Country chart put it in position 30. Unsurprisingly, country music blogs like Taste of Country praised the song, terming it anthemic. Digital Journal also praised the singer for thinking outside the box, giving them a 4/5-star rating.

9. “Mother Like Mine” (2013)

Initially, The Band Perry didn’t intend to release the “Mother Like Mine” ballad on the country radio. Surprisingly, it became one of their favorites from the Pioneer album. Also, it’s the only piece that they wrote minus third-party songwriters. The trio wrote this song for a woman who nurtured them to adulthood, their mother- Marie. The band’s lead singer, Kimberly, once admitted that it was the most honest song they wrote for Pioneer. She believes that anyone with a mother can relate to the lyrics.

8. “Postcard from Paris” (2010)

The fifth and final single from Band Perry’s self-titled debut album is “Postcard from Paris.” Kimberly’s melancholic voice is strategically relevant to the song’s romantic lyrics, portraying her vulnerability. The US Billboard Hot Country Songs chart ranked this song at six, while the Billboard Country Airplay Hot 100 placed it at sixty. Canadian charts also regarded it as commercially successful, ranking it at 25 on its Billboard country chart.

7. “Chainsaw” (2013)

According to Country Hang Daily, “Chainsaw” is about a good-girl-gone-bad after her lover called it quits. Band Perry released this catchy song to demonstrate the heartbreak most people feel when they aren’t loved right. The girl goes as far as cutting down a tree bearing a heart carving and their names, signifying the end of their relationship. The song peaked at 86 on the US Billboard Hot 100, 10th on the US Country Airplay, and sixth on the Canadian Hot 100.

6. “Don’t Let Me Be Lonely” (2013)

“Don’t Let Me Be Lonely” is one of those songs you’d want to listen to if you feel romantically vulnerable. The trio smoothens things up, proving that vulnerability is human nature. It was written by Sarah Buxton, Chris Tompkins, and Rodney Clawson. The song peaked at two on Billboard’s Country Airplay, first in Canadian Country (Billboard), and 59 on the US Billboard Hot 100. The band sold more than 251,000 copies in the US by January 2014.

5. “All Your Life” (2010)

The Band Perry’s self-titled album features a song titled “All Your Life,” which peaked at the top of the US Billboard Hot Country Songs and US Billboard Country Airplay Songs. Ironically, most music critics felt the song was so simple that any artist would’ve effortlessly performed it. Unknown to them, Kimberly’s powerful and youthful vocal delivery and her brothers’ support used most songs on the album to turn into instant stars in showbiz.

4. “DONE” (2013)

“DONE” is Band Perry’s fourth number one song to chart on the US Billboard 100. It’s about the singer telling her ex they have come a long way. The narrator feels neglected in her relationship, prompting her to call it quits. The song was written by Reid and Neil Perry alongside John Davidson and Jacob Bryant. According to Billboard, this second single from Pioneer album won the CMT Music Award for Group Video of the Year and was nominated for World Music Award for World’s Best Song.

3. “You Lie” (2011)

“You Lie” by The Band Perry talks about a lady enraged by her husband’s philandering and lies. The video shows Kimberly throwing away her wedding ring into the river, signifying the end of her marriage. Commercially, the song performed exceptionally well, peaking at two on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs and US Billboard Country Airplay charts the same year the band released it.

2. “Better Dig Two” (2013)

One of Band Perry’s songs that got nominated for the Academy of Country Awards for Video of the Year and CMT Music Award for Group Video of the Year is “Better Dig Two.” The song charted at 28 on the US Billboard Hot Country Songs, making it commercially successful. Upon close observation of the lyrics, it doesn’t take a genius to notice Kimberly telling her lover that she will be honored to be buried next to him. That’s if her lover dies before her. However, if her lover betrays her, she will commit suicide as it would be too much for her to bear.

1. “If I Die Young” (2010)

Of all songs that Band Perry has released over the years, “If I Die Young” is their biggest breakout hit. Ultimately, it’s become their anthemic song. It peaked at number one on the US Billboard charts of Hot Country Songs, Adult Contemporary, and Country Airplay. The song won Country Music Association Award for Song of the Year and the Country Music Association Award for Single of the Year. Another selling point of this song is the seven-time certified platinum seller with the RIAA and Music Canada. It remains the band’s favorite song from their self-titled album to date.


When compiling a list such as this, one thing that may linger in your mind is which tracks were instant hits. It might be too effortless to select these ten tracks, but the most important thing is their commercial success. We hope you’ll enjoy these ten best songs byThe Band Perry.

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