The 10 Best Corey Smith Songs of All-Time

Corey Smith

Corey Smith is an American country music singer from Jefferson, Georgia. The singer is a graduate of Social Studies Education from the University of Georgia. While there, he wrote songs and performed local gigs. After leaving college, he became a teacher at North Gwinnett High School in Suwanee, Georgia, where he taught Geography, History, and guitar. According to Wikipedia, Corey left his teaching job to pursue music at 28. He received his most significant break in 2003 through his debut album, Undertones. Since then, he has released and produced ten albums. Below is a list of his ten best songs.

10. Every Dawg (2004)


According to Oldies, “Every Dawg” is a song by Corey Smith released in 2004. It’s a slang term for the famous idiomatic expression, “every dog has its day.” The singer talks about his journey in music, further explaining that it wasn’t a walk in the park. The song is about seizing opportunities to excel in your pursuits. He opens the song with, “A long ride back from Jacksonville/ 500 miles from a game we should’ve won.” Clearly, Corey wants you to know that everyone receives the most significant break in their own time.

9. Blow Me Away (2015)


“Blow Me Away” is Corey Smith’s eighth song released in 2015 from his tenth album, While the Getting’ Is Good. The song was produced by Keith Stegall, who previously worked with Zac Brown Band and Alan Jackson. The lyrics talk about how Corey is immensely impressed with an unknown woman, hence the phrase, “blow me away.” It’s a fantastic track for people looking to appreciate their lovers.

8. The Wreckage (2004)


“The Wreckage” is another fantastic track written and performed by Corey Smith from his 2004 album, In the Mood. The singer talks about making mistakes and doesn’t wish to repeat them. When someone’s in a wreck, it means they’re beyond salvable. However, it’s not the time to give up, as everyone can always start over.

7. Feet Wet (2015)


As mentioned earlier, Corey started his music career in 2003. Twelve years later, he released his tenth album, While the Gettin’ Is Good. One of the songs featured on it is “Feet Wet,” which seems like another summer-themed sing-along track. However, the song’s meaning is more superficial than you’d think. The singer talks about coming of age and getting to a place where you don’t have to prove yourself to others. This track is fantastic for people feeling content about navigating life at their own pace and terms.

6. Let Me Love You on A Backroad (2008)


“Let Me Love You on a Backroad” is Corey’s road head song released in 2008 from his Outtakes from the Georgia Theatre album. Though the album only contains six tracks, you can tell that Corey gave his all. Most people who’ve attended his concerts and live shows can attest that this song is one of the fan favorites recorded in a live setting. Also, it’s an excellent way of showcasing his actual voice, unlike other artists who rely on studio settings.

5. F*** the Po-Po (2008)


According to Discotech, Corey Smith has endeared himself to country music lovers thanks to his sold-out performances. “F*** the Po-Po” is one of the songs with a “swear” word on its title. It illustrates how celebrities, like ordinary people, face injustices despite yearning for a decent life. So, forget about the curse words for a second, and pay attention to how Corey explains what he faced at the hands of law enforcers.

4. Drinking Again (2004)


“Drinking Again” is a song Corey performed live in Chattanooga in 2004 from In the Mood album. The singer opens the song by acknowledging that though it’s a Monday afternoon, it feels like a Friday night. He’s in the living room with a drink and can’t wait to start the party. Deep down, he has underlying issues bugging his mind, so alcohol is the only source of refuge. However, the alcohol only masks the issues temporarily. So, he’s not sure if all his problems will be solved once he becomes sober.

3. Maybe Next Year (2007)


“Maybe Next Year” is the third single from Corey Smith’s fourth album, Hard-Headed. The song is about recognizing and accepting the mistakes you made in the past because history can repeat itself. As someone advance in age, they need to recognize that they have a lot of growing up to do and become better. It’s an excellent song for people who want new beginnings.

2. Twenty One (2003)


“Twenty One” is another fantastic track from Corey’s debut album, Undertones. He released it in 2003. The opening verse talks about 17-year-old Corey yearning to be 21, so he could enjoy his adulthood freedom. He can’t wait to use a fake ID to get into clubs and tell girls he’s in med school. It shows how delusional young adults can be, thinking there are no consequences of bad choices. Dolores May O’riordan and Noel Hogan wrote this fantastic song.

1. If I Could Do It Again (2005)


The best song from Corey’s The Good Life album is “If I Could Do It Again.” The singer released it in 2005. Corey uses the song to cherish the moments he spent with his friends, partying while listening to the music and checking some girls out. He says that if there is anything he wants to achieve in life is to replay everything that happened on that day.


There you have it; the ten best Corey Smith songs of all time. If these songs don’t melt your heart or send relatable messages about your life experiences, feel free to check out his other songs not shown on this list.

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