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Zac Brown Band

The Zac Brown Band was formed in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2002. The vocalist of the group is Zac Brown, who also plays the guitar. Other band members include John Driskell Hopkins, Jimmy De Martini, Coy Bowles, Clay Cook, Chris Fryar, Matt Mangano, and Daniel de Los Reyes. They are predominantly a country music band, although their music is also influenced by genres including pop, blues, and rock. Since the Zac Brown Band began performing together, they have released seven studio albums, two RPs, two live albums, one greatest-hits album, and 16 singles. Here are all the Zac Brown Band studio albums ranked.

7. The Comeback (2021)


The seventh and most recent studio album released by Zac Brown Band is ‘The Comeback.’ Unfortunately, this album has not achieved the same commercial success as the band’s previous album. It was most successful on the country album chart in the United States, peaking at number three. The album reached number 37 on the Billboard 200, number 42 in Australia, and number 54 in Canada. It did not chart in the UK. ‘The Comeback’ is the band’s longest album to date, as it has 15 tracks. Like their previous releases, there are collaborations featured on the album. The first was ‘Stubborn Pride,’ featuring Marcus King, and the second was ‘Closer to Heaven,’ featuring Gregory Porter. Zac Brown Band released the singles ‘Same Boat’ and ‘Out in the Middle’ from this album.

6. The Foundation (2008)


Although Zac Brown Band had previously released an independent album, ‘The Foundation’ was the band’s debut studio album with a major label. The album was nominated for several awards, and it won the Grammy Award for Best New Artist. It reached number two on the US Top Country Albums and number nine on the Billboard 200. The five singles released from the album were ‘Chicken Fried,’ ‘Whatever It Is,’ ‘Toes,’ ‘Highway 20 Ride,’ and ‘Free.’ Zac Brown co-wrote all the songs on the album, except ‘It’s Not OK’ and ‘Jolene.’

5. The Owl (2019)


Zac Brown Band’s sixth studio album was ‘The Owl,’ and it topped the country album chart in the United States. It peaked at number two on the Billboard 200 and reached number 29 and 30 in Australia and Canada, respectively. The band described it as their most personal album, although it was criticized by music critics for pushing the boundaries too far and lacking the country sound. ‘Finished What We Started’ featured vocals from Brandi Carlile, and it was the only collaboration on the album. The two singles released from the album were ‘Someone I Used to Know’ and ‘Leaving Love Behind.’ Zac Brown co-wrote all the tracks on the album, except ‘Shoofy Pie,’ which was written by Tyler Greenwell, Chris Wood, and Oliver Wood.

4. Welcome Home (2017)


‘Welcome Home’ was Zac Brown Band’s fifth studio album. It topped the country charts in the United States and peaked at number two on the Billboard 200 and the Canadian album charts. From their previous albums, the band released multiple singles, but they decided to only release two singles from this album, which were ‘My Old Man’ and ‘Roots.’ The only track not co-written by Zac Brown on the album was ‘All the Best,’ which was written by John Prine and featured vocals from Kacey Musgraves. Music critics described the content of this album as being more mature than their previous efforts.

3. You Get What You Give (2010)


‘You Get What You Give’ was Zac Brown Band’s second studio album and their first to top both the country charts and the Billboard 200 in the United States. The album was also their first to chart in Canada, peaking at number 12. Brown either wrote or co-wrote all the tracks on the album, and three of them had previously featured on other albums. The first single released from the album was ‘As She’s Walking Away,’ which was a duet with Alan Jackson. Other singles released from the album were ‘Colder Weather,’ ‘Keep Me in Mind,’ ‘No Hurry,’ and ’Knee Deep.’ The latter contains guest vocals from Jimmy Buffett. There were 14 tracks on the original album, and the iTunes deluxe edition of the album boasted four bonus tracks, including two that were recorded live.

2. Uncaged (2012)


‘Uncaged’ was Zac Brown Band’s third studio album and their second to top both the Billboard 200 and the country charts. It was also a number one hit in Canada, and it reached number four on the UK albums chart. The album won the Grammy Award for the Best Country Album. Clay Cook described this album as their first real album and said that their previous albums were just a collection of songs. Zac Brown said that the album was all about making people dance. The four singles released from the album were ‘The Wind,’ ‘Goodbye in Her Eyes,’ ‘Jump Right In,’ and ‘Sweet Annie.’ There are two collaborative tracks on the album. ‘Overnight’ features Trombone Shorty, and ‘Day That I Die’ features Amos Lee.

1. Jekyll + Hyde (2015)

Jekyll + Hyde’ was the fourth studio album released by the Zac Brown Band, and it was their third consecutive album to top the country chart and Billboard 200 in the States. It also topped the Canadian album chart and peaked at number two in the UK and number six in Australia. The lead single from the album was ‘Homegrown,’ which was followed by ‘Heavy Is the Head,’ which featured Chris Cornell. Other singles from the album were ‘Loving You Easy,’ ‘Junkyard,’ ‘Beautiful Drug,’ and ‘Castaway.’

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