The 10 Best Zac Brown Band Songs of All-Time

Zac Brown Band

Zac Brown Band is a country music band that was formed in Atlanta, Georgia, in 2002. The lead singer of the country music band is Zac Brown, who also plays the guitar. Other band members include guitarist and keyboardist Coy Bowles, fiddler and vocalist Jimmy De Martini, drummer Chris Fryar, percussionist Daniel de Los Reyes, bassist Matt Mangano, and multi-instrumentalists, John Driskell Hopkins and Clay Cook. The band released their debut album, ‘The Foundation,’ in 2008, and they have now released a total of seven studio albums, two Eps, and one greatest hits album. Zac Brown Band has also released 28 singles, of which 13 have topped the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. Here are the 10 best Zac Brown Band songs of all time.

10. Whatever It Is (2008)


Country Thang Daily lists ‘Whatever It Is’ as one of the best Zac Brown Band songs of all time. The song was written by Zac Brown and Wyatt Durertte, and it was the second single released from the band’s debut album ‘The Foundation.’ Although it only peaked at number two on the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart, the song is considered one of the band’s best due to the heartwarming lyrics of the ballad. The song shows a different and more delicate side to Zac Brown Band. It was one of the most popular wedding songs in the year of its release.

9. Keep Me in Mind (2011)


‘Keep Me in Mind’ was the penultimate track of four singles released from the album ‘You Get What You Give.’ Zac Brown co-wrote the song with Wyatt Durrette and Nic Cowan. The song is about a man asking a woman to remember him even though she is currently with another man. Scenes from the band’s concert are used in the music video, including clips of them playing music and traveling on the tour bus. There are also shots of the red rocks.

8. Goodbye in Her Eyes (2012)


‘Goodbye in Her Eyes’ was the first of Zac Brown Band’s tracks to top the country charts in Canada, although it only reached number five in the United States. The song, which is from the album ‘Uncaged,’ was certified Platinum. It was written by Zac Brown, Wyatt Durrette, John Driskell Hopkins, and Sonia Leigh.

7. As She’s Walking Away (2010)


‘As She’s Walking Away’ was written by Zac Brown and Wyatt Durrette, and it features veteran country singer Alan Jackson. It was the first single Zac Brown band released from their second studio album, ‘You Get What You Give.’ The idea for the song came watching a UFC fight in a bar when a beautiful girl came in and sat staring at Durrette all night. The song won the Grammy Award for Best Country Collaboration with Vocals.

6. Colder Weather (2011)


The second single released from ‘You Get What You Give’ was ‘Colder Weather,’ which was written by band members Zac Brown and Coy Boyles, along with Wyatt Durrette and Levi Lowry. The song is about a trucker who is missing his lover while traveling during cold weather. Actor Liam Hemsworth (former husband to Miley Cyrus) features in the accompanying music video.

5. Free (2010)


The final single Zac Brown Band released from their debut album was ‘Free,’ almost two years after the album’s original release. It became the band’s fourth single to top the Billboard Hot Country Songs chart. At the 53rd Annual Grammy Awards, this song was nominated for awards in the categories of both the Best Country Song and the Best Country Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocal.

4. Knee Deep (2011)


‘Knee Deep’ was certified triple-platinum when it was released in 2011 and also topped the country chart in the United States. It was the seconds single released from the album ‘You Get What You Give,’ and it featured James Buffett, a singer, songwriter, actor, musician, author, and businessman. The song is about having a relaxed approach to life and having no worries.

3. Toes (2009)


Not only did ‘Toes’ top the country chart in the United States, but it was also certified double-Platinum. Band members Zac Brown and John Driskell Hopkins co-wrote the song with Wyatt Durette and Shawn Mullins, and it is featured on the album ‘The Foundation.’ Durette got the inspiration for the song while on vacation in Key West, although the lyrics refer to a relaxing trip in Mexico.

2. Highway 20 Ride (2009)


‘Highway 20 Ride’ was the fourth single released from the album ‘The Foundation.’ Wyatt Durette, who co-wrote the song with Zac Brown, was inspired to write the song during a trip from Atlanta to the South Carolina state line along Interstate-20. The purpose of his trip was to drop off his son with his mother. Durette began to think about how he was perceived by his son, and his thoughts were the basis of the lyrics.

1. Chicken Fried (2008)


According to Sound Like Nashville, ‘Chicken Fried’ is one of the best Zac Brown Band songs of all time. ‘Chicken Fried’ was Zac Brown Band’s debut single and their first to top the Billboard Hot Country Songs and Country Airplay charts. It was one of the band’s most commercially successful songs, as it is certified 6x Platinum. The song was written by Zac Brown and Wyatt Durette, and it featured on Zac Brown Band’s debut album ‘The Foundation.’ Brown wrote the song gradually over several years, and it is about things that are characteristic of the South.

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