Ranking All The Songs from The House Party Soundtrack

House Party

In 1990, Reginald Hudlin (a film director) released “House Party” as an award-winning student film for Harvard University. The movie had special appearances from talented stars like Robin Harris, Christopher Reid, Paul Anthony, Brian George, Tisha Campbell, etc. It had a soundtrack with genres like hip-hop and R&B, released on March 9, 1990, on Motown Records. Consequently, Billboard 200 ranked it number 104 while Top R&B/Hip-Hop ranked 20. Here is a ranking of all the songs from the “House Party” soundtrack.

10. “Why You Get Funky On Me?”- Today (1990)


“Why You Get Funky on Me?” is a 1990 track written by Gene Griffin, Riley & William Aquart. The song was mixed and recorded at Soundworks Studios, with the main vocalists being; Big Bub, Larry Singletary, Wesley Adams, and Larry McCain. Its tags are Rap, R&B, dance, and soul-pop. The term “funky” is slang for strong dance rhythm. So, get your dancing shoes ready because the singer, Today, is about to make you go funky on the floor. Best line: “Holy moly, you know your lovin’ is getting mighty cold, yeah.”

9. “What a Feeling”- Arts and Crafts (1990)


The album “House Party” has a song called “What a Feeling.” The movie producers released it in 1990. It is one of the hippest dancing songs you’ll ever listen to. Considering the movie is all about partying and drinking, the sound of speakers thumping will leave you feeling you’re out of this world. We also love that it was Arts & Crafts who sang it. Best line: “The feeling inside that I just can’t explain.”

8. “This Is Love”- Kenny Vaughan and The Art of Love” (1990)


“House Party” also credits the song “This Is Love” for its success. Kenny Vaughan & The Art of Love sang it in 1990, the same year the movie was released. It is about a man trying to express emotions to his lover. The best part about this song is Kenny’s vocals. As a renowned American guitarist, he’s graced the Colorado Country Music Hall of Fame. In 2006, he won an award for “Instrumentalist of the Year” by The Americana Music Association and “Instrumentalist” from Lifetime Achievement. Best line: “This is love.”

7. “Can’t Do Nuttin’ For Ya Man”- Public Enemy (1990)


Public Enemy is an American hip-hop group that released a soundtrack featuring in “House Party” called “Can’t Do Nuttin’ For Ya Man.” The song features the tracklisting of the film, accentuating its rap culture. The song was sung by group members, including Flavor Flav and Chuck D, from Long Island, New York. Because Public Enemy is famous for rapping about American racism and media, this song is no wonder featured among “House Party” soundtracks. Best line: “Bass for your face, rock that sh*** homie.”

6. “Fun House”- Kid’ n Play (1990)


“Fun House” is the second album released by a US-based hip-hop group called Kid’ n Play in March 1990. The eleventh and last song album shared the same title and was selected to feature among the soundtracks of “House Party.” The album charted at 58 on the US Billboard 200 and 11 on Top R&B/ Hip-Hop Albums (Billboard). Best line: “This party’s at the funhouse.”

5. “To Da Break of Dawn”- LL Cool J (1990)


LL Cool J is a popular American hip-hop star who’s also a ladies’ man. His song “To Da Break of Dawn” is the second single from his fourth album, “Mama Said Knock You Out.” These two aspects make it logical to feature in the “Kid ‘n Play” movie, “The House Party.” The 4.27-minute track was a diss to LL’s close competitors Ice-T, MC Hammer, and Kool Moe Dee.The track ranked number one in the XXL magazine (2015) for the “top 20 diss songs of all time.” On the other hand, “Hot Rap Singles” peaked at 17. You might confuse it for a new jack swing genre upon listening to it for the first time. However, you need to listen to it and come up with your verdict. Best line: “Keep your eyes on the Cool J ring.”

4. Kid Vs. Play “The Battle”- Kid’ n Play (1990)


Of all scenes in “House Party,” the rap battle from Kid vs. Play is the most eccentric. It’s easy to conclude that the evil character is Kid’s dad when he isn’t. Perhaps it’s because he denied Kid’s request to go to the house party after finding out he fought with Full Force earlier in school. It’s Play who is the real villain, but that’s not what this rap battle is about. Best line: “The party host with the most giving you a dose, see.”

3. “House Party”- Full Force Family (1990)


The Full Force Family sang “House Party” in 1990. The members include Lisa Velez, Lisa Lida, & Cult Jam, Cheryl Pepsii Riley, UTFO, Doctor Ice, Ex-Girlfriend, and E-Croft. Written by Reginald Hudlin, the song came to the limelight through Motown, and the recording sessions were in Sigma Sound Studios, Skyline Studios, Bayside Sound Recording, and Pearl Street. We like this song because it complemented the movie’s title and was well-performed. Best line: “House party.”

2. “Surely”- Artz & Kraftz (1990)


“Surely” is another incredible song from Arts & Crafts or Artz & Craftz for the film “House Party.” According to the Washington Post, the song portrays Christopher Reid as a teenage kid with social problems, but isn’t that what every teenager goes through? Best line: “Surely I want ya, surely I need ya.”

1. “Jive Time Sucker”- Force MDs (1990)


According to Wikipedia, “House Party” got recognized on Rotten Tomatoes, which gave it a 93% rating. The Chicago Sun-Times writer gave it a star rating of three out of five thanks to the energy and vitality that songs like “Jive Time Sucker” brought. You will find this track incredibly hilarious as long as you are an ardent fan of rap and R&B.


“House Party” soundtracks are predominantly rap and R&B-based, making it one of the most talked-about movies from the 1990s. The characters also sum up actors and musicians. Please find time to listen to these songs to determine how they complement the movie.

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