The 10 Best Neurosis Albums Ranked


Neurosis is an avant-garde metal band from Oakland, California. The band formed in 1985 and have released 12 studio albums, two EPs and four live albums. They’re one of the most influential bands on the underground metal scene and their legacy has spanned more than thirty years. In this article, we’ll rank their top 10 articles from 10 to 1.

10. Honor Found In Decay (2012)


Neurosis’ eleventh album, Honor Found In Decay is good, but not great. It’s a solid album filled with heavy riffs and quality songs, but unfortunately has a few filler tracks. This is by no means an awful album. In fact, the band’s last two albums have been so variable that it’s hard to classify their recent material as anything in particular. This album contains some really nice riffs and meaningful lyrics and moments, but on the whole it’s just a good, solid Neurosis album.

9. Pain Of Mind (1987)


Pain Of Mind is one of Neurosis’ most famous albums, and for good reason. It’s a highly experimental album filled with dark ambiance, heavy riffs, and heavy vocals that make for a very depressing atmosphere. It’s also their first record, setting the state for the band. It has some really solid ideas but gets bogged down by messy arrangements and less than stellar performances from the band (particularly on the drums). Unfortunately it didn’t chart as well as fans would have hoped, but it still helped make a name for the band.

8. The Word As Law (1990)


The Word As Law is the second album from Neurosis, and it’s an interesting piece of metal history. The band was still finding their feet when they put out this album, but it definitely set them up for a fruitful career. Most songs on here are very simple and repetitive. The riffs are creative and the arrangements are intriguing. This isn’t their finest work, but it’s essential Neurosis for anyone looking to get into the band.

7. Neurosis & Jarboe (2003)


Neurosis’ collaboration with Jarboe is a weird, but fantastic record. Jarboe, who was most notably in the gothic band Swans, brings a very dark and high pitched vocal performance to the album. The final product is a unique experience that shouldn’t be missed by any fans of experimental metal. The songs are very slow and plodding but never get boring. Neurosis’ riffs are heavy and ominous as always, and Jarboe’s dark voice is hypnotic. Overall, this is a fantastic album that shouldn’t be overlooked by any fans of Neurosis or Jarboe and Swans.

6. A Sun That Never Sets (2011)


A Sun That Never Sets is certainly Neurosis’ most experimental album by far. It’s definitely an interesting listen and can be very rewarding for fans of the band. The music is very dark and heavy, with a little progressive influence throughout. The album contains five songs that are all less than ten minutes long, which allows the album to remain consistent throughout. The riffs and arrangements are powerful and the vocals are heavy and haunting. This is surely not their best work, but it’s a very interesting listen from Neurosis nonetheless. The album also came out with an accompanying DVD documenting both the making of the record and the first tours supporting it.

5. Given To The Rising (2007)


Given To The Rising is a very typical Neurosis record. It’s an hour long, it has heavy riffs, powerful vocals, dark atmospheres, and a few good songs. However, this album is essential because it contains some of the heaviest material the band have ever made. Songs like “To The Wind” and “Hidden Faces” are some of the most crushing songs in their whole discography (not to mention the title track). The band were always very heavy but this was one of the heaviest records they put out.

4. Souls At Zero (1992)


Souls At Zero is perhaps Neurosis’ most well known and well liked album. It’s an important piece of metal history and a highly influential record that many musicians have cited as an influence (including Meshuggah). The album is very diverse in both sound and style, displaying the band’s range of influences. The songs are erratic and heavy, with extremely heavy riffs and aggressive vocals.

3. The Eye Of Every Storm (2004)


The Eye Of Every Storm is a really solid record. It has a little bit of everything that Neurosis do so well. It has some relaxing dark moments, plodding heavy riffs and loud atmosphere. Just listen to the beginning of “No River To Take Me Home” for an example at what this album is capable of. However, it just misses the top two because it’s lacking in some places, particularly with the vocals and rhythms on this album.

2. Through Silver In Blood (1996)


Through Silver In Blood is one of Neurosis’ early classics. It features some of their most powerful riffs, most memorable lines, and best atmosphere on the album. The album also has a trademark Prog influence that sets it apart from the rest of their discography. It’s a sprawling album filled with experimental melodic riffs, heavy riffs and head banging moments. The guitars are so intricate throughout that they almost seem to be singing on some occasions.

1. Times Of Grace (1999)


Times of Grace is the definitive Neurosis album. It’s their heaviest and most experimental, with the most memorable hooks and riffs. This album has everything that would make an album from them great. It’s very guitar based and uses a lot of double guitar harmony to add a whole new dimension to their music. The guitars are very catchy and powerful on this album, especially at the end of “Under The Surface”.

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