Our Picks for the Top 10 Best Zero 9:36 Songs of All Time

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Zero 9:36 has amassed a major following over the last few months and is currently on track to do a couple of tours pretty soon with bands like Shinedown and Pop Evil! I, myself was introduced to Zero through his collaboration with Hollywood Undead on a track titled “The End/Undead” and I’ve been a massive fan ever since. So, what are our favorite songs by Zero 9:36?

10. One By One

One By One is the first track on “You Will Not Be Saved” and it’s the shortest track on the record, but it’s a very nice introduction to the rest of the record. It sort of travels through time and follows Zero’s dream ever since he was 10 years old. It’s definitely a different track, but it’s solid and I enjoy it.

9. Reset

Reset is the fifth track on “You Will Not Be Saved” and is about that feeling you get when you think that everything is pointless and there’s no reason to try if you know you’re going to fail. It’s about just wanting to call out for help and take a minute to reset, but it just feels impossible. It’s definitely one of my favorites and there’s a lot of variety within just this single song.

8. Breathing

Breathing is the seventh and final track on “You Will Not Be Saved” and this one hits hard. The song opens up with the line “Why don’t I lay here and apologize for breathing,” so I think you can get a pretty good idea of where Zero is taking us with this song. It’s definitely one of the softer tracks, but that doesn’t mean that its message hits any less.

7. Take Me Instead

Take Me Instead is the fourth track on Zero 9:36’s latest record “…If You Don’t Save Yourself” and it’s all about never giving up on the ones closest to you and taking so much of the pain and wishing that they didn’t have to go through the pain that they’ve felt, it’s about wanting to take all of that pain for yourself – to the point where you feel selfish for taking it. It’s definitely a heartbreaking song if you listen closely to the lyrics.

6. Aim Steady

One of my favorite singles by Zero 9:36, Aim Steady proves that Zero isn’t afraid to call out the wannabes and frauds in the industry. He also mixes in a ton of electronics within Aim Steady and those are my favorite tracks, because they’re perfect adrenaline boosters that are great for the gym, and Aim Steady is definitely one of those songs that is perfect to jam out to during a workout.

5. ii x two

It took me a while to realize this, but I think that “ii x two” is a sequel to “One By One” (this also goes hand in hand with my theory that “You Will Not Be Saved” is continued by “…If You Don’t Save Yourself” meaning that you are the only one that can save yourself). I love the mix of the piano and the heavier sounds in this song, I think they pair really well and Zero’s shouting at the end is just the icing on the cake.

4. In My Hands

In My Hands is the sixth track on “…If You Don’t Save Yourself” and features drummer Travis Barker and Hip Hop/Rap artist Clever. Personally, I think that this is one of Zero 9:36’s saddest songs and almost makes me tear up whenever I listen to it. It makes me want to cherish the person that matters to me the most and make sure that I give her everything that I can give, because you never know what can happen and how quickly it can slip out of your hands.

3. The End/Undead

As I mentioned earlier, The End/Undead was the very first taste of Zero 9:36 that I ever had, because I am a very big fan of Hollywood Undead and this was their first collaboration together. After listening to this song, I was instantly hooked and expected more of the same heavy guitar rapping, but was surprised to find that Zero has a vast catalog of sounds and I was even more impressed than I was beforehand. The original song, “The End,” is also really good, but I had to put the remix featuring Hollywood Undead here instead.

2. Come Thru

Come Thru is a single by Zero 9:36 released in 2019 and features another artist called No Love For The Middle Child. It was incredibly difficult to pick between the top 3 songs, and honestly I think that Come Thru could easily swap between #1 and #2 depending on the day, because both of these songs are absolutely amazing.

1. Adrenaline

Adrenaline is my favorite Zero 9:36 song of all time (at least as of now) and while it was a very close decision between Adrenaline and Come Thru, ultimately, I had to give it to Adrenaline. It just has everything, it’s got the softer side of Zero that I love, but it also lets loose the aggression and anger, while also keeping it in check. The acoustic version of Adrenaline is also amazing, and I can’t decide on which is even more amazing.

If you are also a Zero 9:36 fan, you’ll get the reference in that last sentence, but if not then I highly suggest checking Zero 9:36 out on Spotify and Apple Music! I’m definitely getting the first tickets that I can get my hands on to see Zero live on tour with Shinedown!

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