The 10 Best Ronald Isley Solo Songs of All Time

The Isley brothers have entertained fans for a long time with their “baby-making” music to which some people admit they owe their existence. The brothers began singing at an early age when their father taught them to embrace every genre of music. The brothers soon gravitated towards love songs, and even when Ronald Isley decided to pursue a solo career, he stuck with them. Ronald Isley’s songs continue to soothe the hearts of his fans with enticing lyrics. Here are some of his best tracks.

10. If I Lose My Woman

William Lyon Phelps once said that the highest happiness you can find on earth is of marriage. When two people become one, then the happiness of one is based on the other. Such is the message in this song that Isley titled “If I Lose My Woman.” The narrator says he can tolerate being without every other thing except his woman. She is his vision without whom he will be blind, and his inspiration for poetry, and without her, no lines will ever flow. He is ready to lose other possessions, such as cars and houses but not the wind beneath his wings.

9. You Had Me at Hello

Isley has a way with words that make even a woman who had given up on love blush. He smoothly talks about how he is not impressed by any other thing about the woman in question. It is not her perfume that filled the air or the way she wore her hair that got him hooked. The fascination is not even in the look in her eyes; instead, her heart spoke to him, and the “hello” was all it took to know she was the one for him.

8. Another Night

According to RnB Magazine, Isley sampled music from another one of his songs “Between the Sheets” which he recorded with his brother. In “Another Night,” he tells the story of being addicted to a woman so much that even when he is away from her for as little as a minute, it feels like hours. He is so captivated by her sensual lovemaking and cannot get enough of her. So, all he is asking for is another night of satisfaction.

7. This Song is For You

Isley released a short album, “This Song is For You” with only five tracks. The title track is a dedication to his fans, who have stuck with him for decades since he was part of the Isley Brothers. Isley does not take it for granted that he has achieved a solo career, all thanks to his fans. Thus, he says in the song that to anyone who feels like giving up and has hit rock bottom, this song is for them. He said from the moment he heard it, he knew it would be a hit song and decided to be using it in his show every time he performs.

6. Bedtime

Some women do not care about how they present themselves to their husbands when going to bed; they will wear socks, stockings in their heads, and t-shirts. However, Isley paints a picture of what every man would love to come home to after a hard day at work. He sings that he is tired and would like to see his woman in Victoria’s Secret lingerie. He even specifies that she should wear the one he likes so she can make bedtime special.

5. Better or Worse

This is the perfect song for lovebirds who have decided to spend the rest of their lives together. Isley says that the love he has for his woman is for better or worse. She has stood by his side when he was down, and no one else wanted to support him. He knows for sure that she is the right person for him, and he could never leave her for anyone else. He reaffirms his love for her.

4. What I Miss the Most

When you are miles apart from the one you love, this is the song that will linger on your mind. Isley tells the story of how he misses the woman he loves; the way he would hold her close. from the narration, it seems that they have not broken up, but the distance has been due to the man being away for a while. Thus, while away, all he can think of is the time spent with his lover, the caresses, and lovemaking.

3. No More

Unlike most songs whose titles usually go hand in hand with a phrase of the lyrics, “No More,” does not feature such a line. Instead, the title summarizes what the song is all about – that the woman the narrator has fallen in love with is the last of her kind. He sings that she is the finest he has ever seen. Although he has never been the type to fall in love, and his friends even advised him that there was no such thing as true love, this woman has changed his mind.

2. Dinner and A Movie

When you hear people talk about first love, the story in this song is what they usually try to relay. The moment you spot a person and want to know them more on a deeper level. Isley admitted to being old school, preferring candlelit dinners and going out for movies instead of the modern dating style that involves swiping right in apps and chatting endlessly on the phone. The singer even had his wife, Kandy, act as his love interest in the song’s video.

1. My Favorite Thing featuring Kem

According to an interview with NPR, Isley met songwriter and producer Kem in around 2010. The two, who share a passion for music, began talking about making a song together. Isley tasked Kem with writing a song, the best he could ever pen, and it took a while before Kem fulfilled his end of the deal. The resulting track was “My Favorite Thing,” and Kem also features in it.

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