The 10 Best Victor Wood Songs of All Time

Victor Wood was fondly referred to as “Jukebox King” and “Plaka King.” He carved a career out of a love for music but despite the success, Wood described himself as a psychological problems’ veteran. The higher he climbed on the ladder of prosperity, the deeper he sank into turmoil. He admitted to always being drunk as he tried to drown his problems. Despite his issues, he continued keeping his fans entertained. Some of the best Victor Wood songs are covers of great hits; take a look.

10. Before the Next Teardrop Falls

Wood knows how to pick winners, and this song was a hit in 1975 when Freddy Fender released it. According to Country Thang Daily, Fender performed in nightclubs, but this song turned his life around for the better. It was No. 1 on several Billboard charts thus it was ranked as the No. 4 song of 1975. It, therefore, attracted many singers to cover it, Wood being among them.

9. I Went to Your Wedding

This song is a composition by Jessie Mae Robinson and was originally recorded by Patti Page in 1952. In 2009, Wood released his version perhaps being motivated by its success. When Page recorded it in August 1952, it entered the Billboard and climbed to the top, remaining in the chart for 21 weeks. The song is sad, as the narrator is watching the person he loves walk down the aisle to get married to someone else. Wood sings that he said goodbye to his happiness and shed a tear as it dawned on him that he had lost her.

8. I’m Sorry My Love

In 2008, Wood released “I’m Sorry My Love,” a song that appears to be an apology to his lover. He sings that he broke her heart the previous night, and after realizing his mistakes, Wood adds he will not repeat them. Thus, he begs for forgiveness and promises never to hurt his lover again. It may seem to be coming from someone only after keeping his lover close. He says he is sorry if he broke her heart, meaning he still does not believe he wronged her, even if Wood acknowledges that he was cruel and mean.

7. I Wish You Love

Couples break up, and some still wish the other person the best; Brad Paisley sang that he wished the girl everything she ever dreamed of and that she found love along the way. Wood is no different; thus, in this song, he says that he hopes things turn out well for the lady. He had his chance and compares the time they had together as a share of heaven. However, now that she has moved on, he can only wish her love in the arms of the new man in her life.

6. One More Chance

“One More Chance” is a song Wood released in 2009. He narrates the story of an ex-lover who wants another chance. However, Wood insists he can never take her back because she left him for someone else; she is only back because her new man pales in comparison to Wood. The lyrics tell the tale most people can relate to, especially after love turns sour. The ex-lovers return looking for another chance to break your heart.

5. In the Beginning

Wood portrayed his religious beliefs in this song, and we can conclude he was a Christian. He used the story of creation to pen the lyrics; thus, talking about in the beginning when God created the earth and heaven and everything in them. He also uses the song to acknowledge his flaws as a mortal; that he stumbles and falls. As human beings, we can only pray to be as perfect as God intended us to be when he created Adam and Eve.

4. Sweet Caroline

“Sweet Caroline” by Wood is a cover of Neil Diamond’s song released in 1969. It is probably the biggest song in Diamond’s career, and Wood must have decided to try his luck with it. According to an interview with CNN, Diamond revealed that he wrote the song for his wife at the time – Marcia – but he needed a three-syllable name, and Marcia did not rhyme. Luckily, during his stay in a Memphis hotel, Diamond saw a picture of John F. Kennedy’s daughter, Caroline, thus decided to use her name instead.

3. Eternally

The Jukebox King was a romantic heart going by the songs he wrote. “Eternally” proves how much Wood was willing to give his all to the right women. He sings that he will be loving the woman eternally. No matter what happens, he cannot picture himself with anyone new even in another lifetime. It is such a beautifully written piece that would be ideal as a dedication to lovebirds who want to spend the rest of their lives together.

2. Carmelita

The Plaka King once again released a song that revealed he is a romantic at heart. In “Carmelita,” Wood is begging to love a woman who seems to have been warned by her mother to stay away from boys the singer asks if the woman’s mother advised her not to go around kissing boys. He tries to convince her that it is only right since he is a man and she is a woman, and the lustful feeling only confirms that they are human. Carmelita is the object of his affection, and he appears to be almost giving up after begging for affection every night.

1. Fraulein

According to Fort Worth Star-Telegram, this song originally composed by Lawton Williams; is a dedication to a girl he met during the Second World War. He wrote it to reflect on his broken relationship with the German girl. Although Williams performed it in the 1940s, it barely found success until 1957, when Bobby Helms released it as a single. It was acclaimed as the Country Song of the Year, and over five decades later, Wood covered it.

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