SOAD drummer John Dolmayan: “The reality for other projects”

System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan talks for money effects on the band’s other projects. He also mentions a lot of things.

SOAD band’s drummer John Dolmayan recently interview on Eddie Trunk at Trunk Nation on SiriusXM. In this interview, they talk about what’s going on System of a Down. Also, Dolmayan playing live with These Grey Men and his comic book Ascencia. He and Eddie Trunk are going to talks for every song of the These Grey Men’s first and debut album (out February 28, 2020). They also discuss the SOAD’s money effects on the band’s other projects.

John Dolmayan answers the question about SOAD and replied:

“Yeah, ‘interesting’ is an interesting way of putting it; ‘dysfunctional’ is a better way of putting it. The bottom line is: the reality is that none of us should have time to do other projects. We should be so focused on the band and working on the band and exploring our talents within it, making music that people can listen to within the confines of System of a Down – we shouldn’t have time for anything else…

“Why do marriages break up? Why do friendships that you’ve had for 20 years dissipate? It just happens, especially when you’re talking about four individuals that are artistic-minded. You’re gonna have rifts, and the bottom line is: the bigger you get as a band, the more people kind of tell you how great you are in the band and how your role is the most important one. And some people listen a little more than others and become enamored with their own ideas and kind of have to have an identity outside of the band, and other people don’t. That’s just the bottom line.

“You also have the natural progression of people where they tend to grow in their own ways. We have four very distinct members in System – not better or worse, just different.”

Then Dolmayan answer the ‘When you talk about the dysfunction that exists in the band, is that something that was there right when you guys formed or did it develop with success?’ question and continued:

“I can’t speak on the original formation, because I was a late member; I’m the newest guy in the band. I was friends with the guys before I was in the band, and it was there then, but like everything else, the more money and fame you have, the more complicated it becomes.”

SOAD members already finishing the writing 12 songs for the new album and wait for the last conclusion. You can listen to John Dolmayan‘s full interview below.

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