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LAMB OF GOD frontman Randy Blythe: I think social media is a huge problem”

LAMB OF GOD vocalist Randy Blythe interview to Christian McKnight‘s Irving Plaza program. In this interview, Randy reveals how social media has changed our lives.

Earlier this month, LAMB OF GOD will play for the fans first-time-ever live performances of its latest album, “Lamb Of God“, and the 2004 LP album “Ashes Of The Wake”. This both album performed live in their whole in the Richmond, Virginia. Also, the performances are the only chance to watch band for this year. For this event, first stream perform scheduled for Friday, September 18th, 2020.

During on appearance on Christian McKnight’s Irving Plaza, Randy Blythe talks about the social media and music business:

“Every now and then, someone will get through a message to me. And the questions the kids are asking today are different than the ones they used to ask. The kids used to ask, ‘How did you guys do this? How did you put it together enough to put out a seven-inch? How did you get a van? How did you book these shows? How did you get your start? How did you do these things? Now I get questions like, ‘I’m thinking about starting a band. I would like any advice you have on how to be successful in the music industry.’ And I’m, like, ‘No. You’re asking the wrong fucking question here.’

He also added:

“If you’re not doing this for any other reason other than you love it, you’re fucked. Yes, this is my job, and yes, I make a good living, and yes, it started that way. But I’m gonna do this whether it’s my living or not, man, because this is what I do. I think social media and all that stuff is a huge problem with that kind of stuff. And, of course, we live in this age where you can be famous for doing nothing, like the Kardashians or whatever. I think people are, like, ‘Oh, I need this attention.’ And that wasn’t the primary goal for us. Our goal was to make fucking music we liked. And that’s still the goal.

I never dreamed of playing stadiums. My biggest dream, one I dared not utter, when I joined the band, was to play CBGB. That was my biggest dream.”

You can check here for more information for LAMB OF GOD‘s live streams. Watch the Randy Blythe full interview below.


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