The 10 Best Machine Gun Kelly Songs of All-Time

Machine Gun Kelly

Is it just me, or has Machine Gun Kelly taken over the rap music game? His eccentricity and intensity are captivating with unapologetic rap lyrics about drugs and relationships. The 31-year-old American rapper and songwriter is best known for blending contemporary hip hop with alternative rock. Machine Gun Kelly whose real name is Colson Baker was born on April 22nd, 1990, in Detroit, Michigan, to parents who were both accomplished jazz musicians. As the hard-nosed “Wild Boy” of hip hop, M.G.K. has always aimed to redefine his artistry. He is widely known for his infamous feud with rap idol Eminem and he has so far released two critically acclaimed albums. Although it has been some time since Eminem and Machine Gun Kelly went back-and-forth on Twitter, Machine Gun Kelly’s fame has continued to skyrocket over the internet and his songs have racked up millions of plays online. If you have heard none of them yet or want to get started with some hot new music from this artist, below are 10 Best Machine Gun Kelly Songs of All-Time;

10. Glass House


The song is about the amount of depression he feels, which seems to stem from external factors. The title comes from its refrain (performed by Naomi Wild), where MGK’s character was depicted as being “all alone in a glass house.” However the meaning could vary. For instance, it reminds me of my time overseas and how we were all confined together yet isolated at once, or more specifically in a British military prison.

9. Chip Off the Block


While Machine Gun Kelly was facing eviction from his home in Cleveland, he reached a moment of success as both an artist and rapper. Throughout this challenging period for him, the first thing that came to mind when it seemed like all hope may have been lost were lyrics about “blazing tracks.” The lyrics resulted in one hit song on MTV2’s Sucker Free Freestyle Showcase called “Chip Off The Block.”

8. Rap Devil


“Rap Devil” is a diss track that explicitly targets Eminem with lyrics that call him “the greatest of all time” and takes shots at Tupac and Biggie Smalls. The single was released on September 3rd, 2018, from Bad Boy Records & Interscope records, tackling Eminem’s newest hit record, “Not Alike,” with hopes of making it onto the Billboard Hot 100 chart (#13 peak position). The track topped the iTunes Usuario’s Most Popular Music Video Listings upon its release.



Machine Gun Kelly is back with a vengeance as “LOCO,” and it looks like he’s not holding anything back. The song features G-Eazy, Eminem, Nashville Nights MCs Tysen & Ty Dolla Sign, who are all no strangers to collaborating on one project. Still, this time around, they’re up against an even more—formidable foe – Machine Gun Kelly himself. S.N.L. comedian Pete Davidson lent both vocals and appeared, lending his chaotic cameo throughout, doing face-pulling stunts while trashing hot spots across America.

6. Till I Die


This single was released on January 6, 2015, and it follows his debut album General Admission (2014), which also featured this track as its lead single. The heavy metal guitars on this song make everything seem more intense because they are so unexpected in this type of pop rap. The song is a collab between two unlikely artists who have made an incredible hit out of their collaboration with each others’ styles

5. Forget Me Too


“Forget Me Too” is the fifth track on Machine Gun Kelly’s album Tickets to My Downfall (2020). The song features guest vocals by Halsey and drumming from Travis Barker, who also contributes to production. Rumors of the song’s existence started circulating in June 2020 when it had been registered with BMI for the singer’s account. The track was confirmed by September 25th, alongside his fifth studio album, Tickets to My Downfall.

4. Bad Things


With love, young people are always willing and ready. That’s why “Bad Things” by M.G.K. ft Camila Cabello became their first top five Billboard Hot 100 entry as solo artists. Thanks to this lush storytelling about reckless youthful romantics can’t-get enough of each other with no faintheartedness. The dark passion etched through every word shows how these two dynamic performers make an incredible team—one who serves up some significant moments for both themselves individually yet together too.

3. See My Tears


Gunna’s “See My Tears” video is a heart-wrenching story about Gunilla’s life. The opening scene has Machine Gun Kelly advising Diddy he should “speak from your heart.” The confessional song starts with her promising to learn how to walk again after listening to his music. To show this, one of his biggest fans (seated in a wheelchair) takes on an inspirational act by walking across the stage as she champions for all power within lyrics displayed throughout their record, playing out through rap rhymes. In the song he says he doesn’t know why he keeps letting things and people, guess what: they’re just going through their little wordplay phase at the moment but when it comes time for us not being able-ism in hip hop anymore, you all are gonna be speaking my language.”

2. Invisible


The song “Invisible” was released on April 24, 2012. It is the second single from the debut studio album Lace Up. The single features beautiful lyrics and vocals from American singer and songwriter Ester Dean. Dean also produced some hero material for other artists such as Lil Wayne or Diddy sometime ago, to name just two examples. The collaboration led to increased popularity for this track among gamers since 2014 that was featured prominently in one popular video game called Watch Dogs Ubisoft created. It helped make it gradually grow even more well recognized within the pop culture at large.

1. Play this when I’m Gone


It’s a deep and thoughtful track from MGK, who dedicates it to his daughter. He tells us that while he still has time left on earth with her in mind – if something happens suddenly, then this may be all they have shared. So he wants each moment between them to mean more than anything else ever could. His vocals are dramatic yet soothing, which sends chills down one’s spine as you listen closely, especially during those decisive moments when hearing him say “I love” over again brings tears streaming down one face.

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