10 Awesome Songs about November


November is the second-last month of the year most families look forward to because it hosts Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and early Christmas. Families gather to appreciate the small and big things the year offers through a delicious homemade meal. According to Sun Signs, November symbolizes the final phase of life, with winter representing death. As expected, songs about November are in various genres, all of which relay various messages about the activities people participate in. Here are the best ten songs about November.

10. Gone till November – Wyclef Jean & Refugee Camp All-Stars (Wyclef Jean Presents The Carnival-1997)


“Gone till November” is an MTV Video Music Award for Best R&B Video song, released in 1997. The song peaked at seven on the US Billboard Top 100 and four in Canada and New Zealand. It also received a nomination for Grammy Award for Best Rap Solo performance. The song talks about a drug abuser who leaves his girlfriend to use drugs. He will be gone till November after the drugs have taken effect.

9. Mr. November – The National (Alligator-2005)


Besides Thanksgiving and Black Friday, November is a playoff season for football. “Mr. November” by The National represents a guy in a nude calendar carried by cheerleaders hence a hero. He was a high school quarterback who peaked too early. Already declared a hero, he lets his guard down and doesn’t think he should put any effort. Other music critics claim it represents Mr. Obama’s t-shirts: “Mr. November.” They argue that it was tough to run the presidential office and how annoying it is to play that role constantly. Whatever the meaning, this song has been worth all its attention over the years.

8. November – Tyler-The Creator (Flower Boy-2017)


Having the world in the palm of your hands attracts endless possibilities. However, with such responsibilities come anxiety and a lack of focus. This might cause endless problems. That’s the message that Tyler-The Creator’s song, “November,” aims to convey. Tyler opens the first verse by rapping about previous Novembers of “Hawaiian shirts in the winter, cold water, cold water.” As an ADHD sufferer, he gets anxious and starts talking about his anxiety and insecurity. It’s a nice song combining good and bad things about November.

7. Cold November Wind – Willie Nelson (Island in the Sea-1987)


According to Spinditty, November marks the beginning of winter, so cold winds are inevitable. Willie Nelson’s “Cold November Wind” features the seventh song on his 35th studio album. The album peaked at 14 on the US Billboard Top Country Albums. Like other songs on this album, “Cold November Wind” is laid-back with classic textures.

6. November Has Come – Gorillaz (Demon Days- 2005)


“November Has Come” is a hip-hop track touching on various themes, including the end of the world and the apocalypse. Gorillaz included it in their second studio album as the ninth track. The singer feels disappointed that the current generation performing hip-hop has lost its oomph. Therefore, he predicts that rap music might fall but not necessarily declare it dead. Ironically, he means the best is yet to come.

5. November Rains – Harry Chapin (The Last Protest Singer-1988)


“November Rains” is a fantastic track by Harry Chapin, a folk rock and pop singer who died five months before turning 40. The singer sold over 16 million records globally and was posthumously awarded the Congressional Gold Me, thanks to The Last Protest Singer in 1988. He had been working on this album before his demise in 1981. Sources reveal that he dedicated this album to the fallen Chilean activist, Victor Jara.

4. November Skies – Tomas Barfod ft. Nina Kinert (Salton Sea- 2012)


November skies symbolize peace and joyful expectations. A neutral blue shade characterizes them with light gray undertones. So, when Tomas Barfod and Nina Kinert sang “November Skies,” all they wanted you to know is there is more to life than dwelling on your rough past. This song reminds you to focus on the positive aspects of life regardless of your challenges.

3. November Blues – The Avett Brothers (Country Was-2002)


“November Blues” by Avett Brothers with Scott and Seth Avett as vocalists and Bob Crawford as the upright bassist. It has two live versions. One was released on 2002’s Live at the Double Door Inn and is 6:02 minutes. The second one was released a year later at the Neighborhood Theatre in Charlotte, NC. It also has a sequel appearing in the film, Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions. It was titled “Denouncing November Blue.”

2. November – Tom Waits (The Black Rider-1993)


For over three decades, Tom Waits has been dubbed the ‘godfather of barroom ballad.’ His “November” song was released in 1993 from his 12th studio album on Island Records. Like other songs about November, this ballad highlights the emotions that the 11th of the year brings. Known for his signature deep and gravelly voice, the singer has influenced numerous musicians and gained a global cult following.

1. November Rain – Guns N’ Roses (Use Your Illusion I-1991)


According to The Cavan Project, “November Rain” is one of the best ballads that Guns N’ Roses ever released. It has been Axl Rose’s arsenal for more than twenty years. The video features appearances from Axl’s ex-girlfriend and supermodel, Stephanie Seymour. Its budget totaled around $1 million, making it the most expensive music promo at the time. Ultimately, it became MTV’s most-requested video, hitting one billion views by July 14th. It is not surprising that it became the band’s greatest rock ballad in history.


There’s no denying that songs about November relay great messages and have the coolest tunes from talented musicians. Each artist uses the month name to summarize their life experiences from the beginning of the year. It shows that everyone looks forward to November to see what the New Year has in store for them.

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