The 10 Best Slothrust Songs of All-Time


Boston-based band Slothrust is getting a lot of well-deserved hype lately. Since February, they’ve been dropping songs every month or two from their upcoming album, Parallel Timeline. This superb rock music group has been putting out great music for years, we’ve carefully collected some of the best in honor of the upcoming release. With another song coming this week and the album quickly approaching, there’s no better time to check out the top ten best Slothrust songs of all time.

10. Juice


Marked by intentionally twangy guitar and solid drums in the beginning, this oddball punk anthem is almost funny at first. Leah compares herself to a hamster in a plastic ball, but the song’s intent is anything but amusing. It quickly transitions into smoother guitar, but the lyrics give you a sense of someone trapped inside their own mind.

9. 7:30 AM


There is something that sounds like 90s grunge rock in this track. Leah always brings passion and a sense of ennui to her lyrics, which seems like it shouldn’t work, but it does. Certainly, it suits this song. No amount of enforced normalcy will ever make you into something you’re not. The whole feel of Slothrust is somewhere between punk, grunge, and soulful, jazzy guitar.

8. Magnets Pt 2


Magnets are metaphorical and powerful. An interview with Riff magazine reveals that Leah is “.. really obsessed with magnets and this idea of music that kind of just absorbs and sucks up everything around it and draws it in and makes it a part of it.” Magnets is almost an earworm, and you want to move to the beat despite yourself. The sound of this song certainty has the power to draw you in, so we call that an unmitigated success at magnetic music.

7. Horseshoe Crab


If you’re feeling emotional, this song needs a trigger warning. Horseshoe Crab is raw, emotional, and moving in a way that pop and radio songs just don’t touch. If anything, this song is even more magnetic than Magnets Pt. 2. The sense of being lost within yourself is one many people experience, though we’re not sure if it’s completely universal. If any song on this list will make you an instant fan, it might be this one.

6. Crockpot


Crockpot isn’t the highest production value song Slothrust has ever made. It’s not the most beautiful or the weirdest, but it does have, hands down, one of the most memorable lines of any Slothrust song. We won’t spoil it here for those who haven’t heard the song before. Nevertheless, this grunge-riot is worthy of the top ten any day.

5. Cranium


Trying to force yourself into a box of normalcy and ‘sanity’ is a theme Slothrust has tackled before, but it bears repeating. Especially when that repeat comes with a song like this. Cranium also has the best guitar solo on any track by Slothrust. If this were a twenty-minute song of nothing but that solo, we’d listen anyway, and it would still land in the top five.

4. Peach


Listening to the lyrics of this song, you can hear the silliness and the serious quality of it. As Slothrust told When The Horn Blows, this is a song about believing in wonder and whimsy and knowing that things are never quite as they appear once you see them through more jaded eyes. The video is full of Disney-esque cartoon animation, but it doesn’t take long to notice something is off. The saluting bluebird was deeply unsettling but made perfect sense in the context of the song.

3. Strange Astrology


We never expected a love song from Slothrust, but here it is anyway, and it’s gorgeous. Accepting each other as we are and trying to ‘bring the best’ out of each other is a stunning sentiment. The softer tone to this song is unlike much of the grunge-punk feel of earlier albums. Nevertheless, watching a great band evolve is always a pleasure.

2. Once More For The Ocean


Once More for the Ocean was released earlier this year. With phenomenal guitar and drums, this summery single about sitting by the ocean and searching for meaning is in a class all its own. This is a track that anyone can relate to when they are frustrated, and it’s arguably the most ‘commercial’ or ‘pop-esque’ song we’ve heard from Slothrust, but not in a bad way. Leah, Will, and Kyle have come a long way since their first album. You can hear both the roots and the future of this band in this track.

1. Double Down


Laundry has never been so exciting. It’s hard to imagine having a good time in a laundromat, but the outstanding, punky, funky video that goes with this song was shot in a laundromat, and it looks like the most fun we ever missed out on. Though it’s hard to put a finger on it, something in the mundane surroundings reminds us obscurely of Macklemore doing Thrift Shop, but more rebellious and … while watching the spin cycle. The irony of Leah’s “I do what I want” lyrics and the necessity and boredom of this mundane task is utterly delightful.

Final Thoughts

If youŕe always looking for the next best song from Slothrust, we have great news. Once you finish this list, there’s plenty more where that came from. Better still, the band’s newest album, Parallel Timeline, drops next month. Leah Wellbaum and Halestrom’s Lizzy Hale work together on a song about climate change appropriately called The Next Curse. Although three of the bandś latest songs, Cranium, Once More for the Ocean, and Strange Astrology, already made this list, we do not doubt that The Next Curse will live up to the hype. Itś not often two forces of nature like Lizzy and Leah collaborate on a song theyŕe both so passionate about, and we can wait to hear it.

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