The 10 Best Whiskey Myers Songs of All Time

Whiskey Myers

Whiskey Myers, arguably one of the most popular country/rock bands today, hails from the East Texas town of Palestine. The band has released five amazing albums that have made their way into millions of souls and countless playlists. Whiskey Myers Songs make up a very versatile catalog, ranging from acoustic tear-jerking country music to guitar-shredding dance-worthy rock music. If you are just discovering Whiskey Myers, here is a list of their top 10 best songs of all time:

10. Bar, Guitar, and a Honky Tonk Crowd

Bar, Guitar, and a Honky Tonk Crowd was originally sung by Brent Cobb. Whiskey Myers performed an award-worthy rendition of the song in a music concert on May 27, 2011, at Liberty Fest and has done so countless times, most recently at The Rust Belt, East Moline, USA, on December 10, 2021.

9. Reckoning

Whiskey Myers’ Reckoning is about a love gone bad, but the song later takes an unexpected turn in the second verse. Reckoning will immediately captivate you if you have ever been in a similar position and have you reminiscing those bittersweet moments.

8. Virginia

Virginia is track number 8 in the Whiskey Myers’ album “Firewater.” The song was launched on April 26, 2011, and has a tempo/BPM of 130, and lasts 4minutes 20 seconds. Generally, it is about a man who remembers his old relationship with a lady known as Virginia. A sad verse in the song says, “That’s the way life is, full of broken hearts and sad souls. You just left me here without saying goodbye.”

7. Frogman

Frogman is co-written by the Black Crows’ Rich Robinson. In an interview with The Shotgun Seat Cannon said, “We actually didn’t know what it would turn out to be until we went halfway through it… we later had to change of the song’s lyrics and edit some parts of the same to bring out the main theme in the story.” The most remarkable thing about Frogman is that it pays tribute to fallen soldiers in a sad but beautiful and heroic way. It is one of their best-known songs ever.

6. Lonely East Texas Nights

Lonely East Texas Nights was the first Whiskey Myers’ hit song. The song is about a man who is always working on the road and cannot continue to love a girl who is far away. The chorus goes,” Oh baby, I’m coming home, … Oh darling, I swear to make it right today, you will have no lonelier east Texas nights….” The track is more or less danceable with a somewhat romantic vibe that will have you wanting to swoon with a loved one in your arms.

5. Broken Window Serenade

Broken Window Serenade is a country song in Whiskey Myers’ debut album written by Cody Cannon. In addition to the theme of love, it is also about the less fortunate people in society. In this sad love song, the singer falls in love with a certain girl, who later declines his love, and her addictions destroy her dreams. The lyrics are in the form of metaphors to avoid condemning anyone’s actions. In an iconic line, Cody woes, “You feed into your addiction, with your crystal meth. And I tried to plead for your life as you slowly went in to the grasps of your demise.”

4. Ballad of A Southern Man

Ballad of a Southern Man is by far the most streamed Whiskey Myers Song and what made them known to the world. It is about their lives growing up in rural East Texas along the east or west coast and was written by John Jeffers, Leroy Powell, Cody Tate, Gary Brown, and Cody Cannon. Some of the lyrics of this beautifully written song are, “Grandma’s in the kitchen, Grandpa’s already passed on; We would sit out on the front porch, a Bible on the table and simply pick on a song because he bled for what we now have, and that’s a true southern man….”

3. Trailer We Call Home

Trailer We Call Home is a country song from the Whiskey Myers album, Mud, which held the number 4 spot on Billboard’s US Country Chart. It was written by the famous Darrell Scott and Cody Cannon to be later released at the end of 2016. For many people, Trailer We Call Home is one of those songs you never get tired of listening to. Some of the song’s lyrics are,” Yeah, times become difficult, but we move on, here in this trailer we call home.”

2. Bury My Bones

Bury My Bones is arguably the catchiest song of a stacked self-titled playlist. The song has a great music video that brings a clearer visualization to what Rolling Stone calls a country-leaning track. In the music video, two brothers enter into combat overseas, and unluckily one of them loses their lives. According to the song’s writer John Jeffers, “It’s a deep one and a heavy one that completely wrecked me the first time I watched the video.” Jeffers continues to say that,” We really wanted to portray the theme of losing someone close to you in the music video. It was also about finding a way to deal with this loss by burying the memories and thoughts in the hopes that you can get over this heartache.”

1. Stone

Everybody has that one song that never gets old, no matter the situation or the number of times you have played it. Stone is one of those songs. Essentially, it is an autobiographical tune about the hidden caveats of fame for musicians. In the song, Cannon wrote, “They claim life is like a dagger. Backstage is filled with parasites. They will pretend to love you only to drain everything you possess, just to make them feel better about their miserable lives.” Stone is more or less a musician’s lamentation, trying to explain some of the aspects of stardom as well as how difficult it is to find the right woman. An acoustic version of Stone is performed by lead singer, Cody Cannon, accompanied by an accordion. It is one of the most beautiful pieces of music out there.


Over the past decade, the country/rock band Whiskey Myers has certainly been one of the most outstanding bands on the international stage. With their hit Whiskey Myers Songs like “Broken Window Serenade,” “Ballad of a Southern Man,” and “Stone,” the band has made itself the leading act on the Texas/Red Dirt scene and a staple in most households.

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