Ranking All the Songs from the Cruella Soundtrack


Despite it being classified as a 70’s punk rock film, the Cruella soundtrack contains songs that transcend several genres. Although the actual film featured many other songs, the film’s official soundtrack contains some great songs ranging from 70’s rock songs from England and the USA to oldies such as “Five to One” by The Doors. Here are all songs from the Cruella soundtrack ranked from the worst to the best.

14. Love Is Like a Violin – Ken Dodd


Starting us off in our ranking of all the songs in the Cruella soundtrack is the song, “Love Is Like a Violin” which also happens to be one of Ken Dodd’s songs released between 1960 and 1981 to chart in the UK. What a great composer Ken Dodd was.

13. Five to One – The Doors


The title of this song comes from the ratio of whites to blacks, and the young to old in the US back in 1967. The song has been widely regarded by many as one of the greatest songs by The Doors and the track was sampled in Jay-Z’s song, “Take Over.”

12. Livin’ Thing – Electric Light Orchestra


Rumours has it that this song must have been an anti-abortion anthem. Despite it being written to describe a food poisoning situation, the band’s frontman, Jeff Lyne, pointed out that the song was simply talking about the loss of love.

11. Whisper, Whisper – Bee Gees


“Whisper Whisper” was released by Bee Gees in 1969 and is contained in the album, Odessa. Despite the song being so underrated, “Whisper, Whisper” is one of the last songs that I expected to see in a Disney movie. Nevertheless, it fits right in the theme and plot of the movie.

10. I Wanna Be Your Dog – John McCrea


The next song on our ranking of all the songs from the Cruella soundtrack is the debut song by the Stooges. The scene where this song plays in the movie happens to be one of the most unforgettable moments in the movie. The song’s beat and Cruella’s attitude is absolutely amazing and at times, I wish that the guitars would have been more aggressive.

9. Feeling Good – Nina Simone


Nina Simone’s version of this song was written and recorded in 1965 from her album, I Put a Spell On You. The song is certified platinum in the UK and has appeared as a soundtrack in a number of movies such as the 19993 film, Point of No Return, and Last Holiday, among others.

8. Should I Stay or Should I Go – The Clash


Coming up in eighth position is a catchy song from the band’s 1981 album, Combat Rock. The song features Mick Jones as the lead vocalist and back up vocals from Joe Strummer and Joe Ely. The song has been certified platinum in the UK and Italy.

7. One Way or Another – Blondie


Despite the song having a light and catchy beat, this song from American new wave band, Blondie contains some dark lyrics that go hand in hand with the theme of the movie. The song has been ranked as one of the band’s best songs due to Harry’s aggressive vocals and the energy with which the band usually performs this song.

6. Stone Cold Crazy – Queen


This song was never released as a single but its rhythm and beats were so iconic and laid a foundation for the band. The song was released in 1974 and is contained in the album, Sheer Heart Attack as the eighth song. For a song that goes just over two minutes, “Queen” is such a fast-paced song.

5. Whole Lotta Love – Ike & Tina Turner


“Whole Lotta Love” was the very first song by Tina turner. The song was featured in her 1975 album, Acid Queen and was released by United Artists records. The song was originally written and released by Led Zeppelin from their sophomore album, Led Zeppelin 2.

4. Fire – Ohio Players


This song by Ohio Players was one of the biggest crossover hits of 1975. Even before the release of the song, Stevie Wonder had already predicted that it would be a hit after listening to it in the studio. The song peaked at #1 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and more than 40 years later, the song remains to be a big hit.

3. Come Together – Ike & Tina Turner


The original version of this song was written by John Lennon of The Beatles although the song was credited to Paul McCartney and Lennon himself. Tina Turner covered the song in 1976 for the documentary All This and World War 2. Although we almost forgot about the songs, Cruella did a good job including it as a soundtrack so that we can revisit this gem from the past.

2. Bloody Well Right – Supertramp


Coming in at number two is the song, “Bloody Well Right” which was the first charting song by Supertramp in the US. The reason for the song not charting in the UK was that many Britons were irked by the bands use of the word, ‘bloody’ which they found to be offensive. The track peaked at #35 on the US Billboard Hot 100 and its definitely one of our favorite songs in the Cruella soundtrack.

1. Call Me Cruella – Florence and the Machine


When they released this song, Florence Welch said in an interview that some of the first songs which she learned how to sing were Disney songs and for her to create a song for the Cruella movie was a lifelong dream. The goal of the song was to paint a picture of the rock aesthetic in London back in the 60’s and 70’s. This song is great and you can tell that Florence and the Machine had a lot of fun creating music for a villain in the movie.

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