10 Awesome Songs About Montana

John Denver

Montana boasts of being one of the eight states in the United States defined by mountainous terrains. It is endowed with natural resources yet remains with a low population. For this reason, the state attracts people who prefer privacy and country life. The lifestyle inspires songwriters to write songs about Montana. Most are by country musicians except for a few, as you shall note from the list below.

10. Montana Lullaby by Ken Overcast

Overcast did not know that his words would have a profound effect on the people of Montana when he wrote the lyrics to “Montana Lullaby.” DJ Lonnie Bell even said the song was the perfect state lullaby. Therefore, according to Ken Overcast blog, house representatives proposed a bill to make the tune the official Big Sky Country lullaby. The proposers argued that the song is representative of Montana, and Overcast felt privileged to be accorded such an honor.

9. Montana Time by David Walburn

If you have never been to Montana, this song will have you wishing to spend just a few hours in the place. Walburn relishes every moment spent in Montana and recounts what makes it special. He says that if you ever feel the need to touch the sky, the big mountains will help you do so since they are close to heaven. The singer sings that Montana is the place where you should go to unwind and forget all your troubles because in Montana time moves slowly. The state is welcoming, making even strangers feel right at home. With a single taste of Montana, you will never want to be anywhere else.

8. Home is Where Montana Is by Bruce Anfinson

When Anfinson sings that home is where Montana is, he means every word. He grew up in Great Falls, along the Missouri River in Montana. He must have loved it because he settled in Helena, Montana where he owns a ranch. He explained that he loves Montana for its people, the scenery, plenty of recreational activities, and the climate. He added that although during the winter it gets too cold, there is still no other place he would rather be.

7. Montana Cowgirl by Emmylou Harris

This talented singer-songwriter, who was her class valedictorian in high school, has always had a soft spot for country living. She was born in Alabama, then the family settled in Virginia and she now lives in Nashville, Tennessee. In this song, Harris sings that she rode her horse in many strange lands before falling in love and moving away from her hometown. However, she can still hear her name being called to return to Montana, in the hills where she belongs.

6. Montana by Daya

Daya told Vents Magazine that the video for this song is one of her favorite because it came out exactly as she had envisioned it. For the queer singer, who is also an LGBTQ+ advocate, the song is inspired by the need to retreat to a quiet place with the person she loves. The perfect place she thinks of is Montana since there are no distractions.

5. Hey Montana by Chase Matthew

Matthew had sworn to never record a song he did not write. Well, that was until he heard a guy named Kyle Winski play this song. It was love at first listen and Matthew’s manager convinced him it would be a good fit for him. Since Winski was okay with the arrangement, Matthew ended up recording the beautiful song. It seems to be about a girl named Montana who has decided to move from Tennessee to Montana. The narrator hopes that she is doing fine in her new home in Montana.

4. Wild Montana Skies by John Denver

You can never go wrong choosing to listen to Denver. His songs are soothing and his voice is unforgettable “Wild Montana Skies” is a 1983 single from the “It’s About Time” album. The singer tells the story of a boy born in Montana, and his mother appeals to the city to provide a good home for her son. She prays that Montana will give the boy a good family, and when he is of age, he will find the ideal woman to be his wife. His mother’s prayers are fulfilled because even though the man goes away, he still returns to Montana, saying there is something about the countryside he could not leave.

3. Big City by Merle Haggard

Haggard tells the common tale of how men move to the big city, looking for greener pastures. They then regret it because the big city has so much hustle and bustle that there is barely time to relax. In the end, such people wish they could return home. For Haggard, the big city has taken a toll on him, and he wants to be set free to return to Montana. After all, since he began working at 20, there is nothing to show for his hard work, so he would rather have fun.

2. Montana by Justin Timberlake

According to The Late Late Show with James Corden interview that Jessica Biel, Timberlake’s wife, had with the show’s host, the singer proposed to her on a property they owned in Montana. The moment inspired the song “Montana” and he said the bridge is his favorite part of the song. The entire song’s lyrics are inspired by what he was saying to his wife in the moments leading up to the proposal.

1. Montana by Frank Zappa

Zappa started listening to music when he was fifteen because his parents did not like it. He then began writing songs at 21 with his only inspiration being a tune he would want to hear. Usually, some of his songs were based on personal experiences, and “Montana” is one of them. He revealed that one day, he looked at a box of dental floss and decided to write a song about it. He penned down that he would be a farmer of dental floss in Montana. The funny thing is he had never been to Montana, but from what he knew, it was sparsely populated; thus, he figured it would be ideal to produce dental floss.

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