The 10 Best Skylar Stecker Songs of All Time

Skylar Stecker is a 21-year-old American singer and actress who has been underrated for so long. Her voice reminds you of Leona Lewis, Ariana Grande, and a bit of Mariah Carey, but she is yet to reach their height of stardom. Still, we give credit where it is due, and her music is very refreshing. She looks up to Bruno Mars due to his commitment to giving his fans the best. As a result, the singer does the same, and here are some of the best Skylar Stecker songs you should have on your playlist.

10. Know It’s Wrong

The introduction in the song’s video will have you admiring Stecker’s drumming skills. The multi-faceted songstress puts on a seductive show in this song in which she wants to keep the relationship a secret. Per the lyrics, she believes three is a crowd, so letting anyone in on their love will ruin it. She would rather they keep a low profile to enjoy whatever they share, even if she knows it is wrong. The song could mean that their love is forbidden.

9. Obvious

Stecker told Refinery29 that she shot “Redemption” and “Obvious” videos on the same day. She avoids having her song videos looking too similar; thus, she needed inspiration on what to do differently for “Obvious.” Luckily, she watched “Dirty Dancing,” and the scene where Ryan Gosling lifts Emma Stone was perfect. Therefore, she borrows the move, and Stecker gets too close to her dance instructor in the video. She confessed that it makes her dad so uncomfortable that he cannot watch it.

8. Questions

Music Musings & Such talked to Stecker and the female singer revealed that she had a person in mind when writing this song. She wrote it when in quarantine, so being alone, her thoughts gravitated to someone special. She did not reveal who the person was, but thoughts of him helped her complete the lyrics and melodies effortlessly in one day.

7. Redemption

Most singers decline to disclose their favorite songs, but Stecker told Daily Rind Blog that “Redemption” is her favorite. She loved it so much that she named the album after it because all her tracks in the album are about building her inner self-worth. She sings that nobody can save her, so she has to redeem herself. It is a great song for anyone who needs a reminder that even when life hits you with challenges, you can still rise. As Stecker sings, you have to show them you have what it takes to keep going even after hitting rock bottom.

6. Let It Pour

The video begins with Stecker saying the rain is a new beginning that washes you clean. It clears the skies so that when the sun comes up, it will shine. Similarly, once you have washed away all that had been holding you back, you can let out the power within you. The songstress explained that “Let It Pour” is about allowing yourself to be vulnerable. Since it is in the album that advocates for recognizing inner self-worth, she strategically placed it as the introductory track of “Redemption.”

5. Human

Christina Perri released this song in 2013, and it did so well that it made it to the Billboard Hot 100. Although most people assume it is about a guy, the singer explained that it was about being frustrated during the songwriting process. After writing a song and realizing it was not as she would like it to be, Perri was frustrated. However, she decided that instead of giving up on writing a song altogether, she would write about how she had hit a wall. Stecker must have found it inspiring hence she covered the song and shows off another musical talent of playing the piano.

4. YOU

“YOU” is a song showcasing Stecker’s dance moves and great choreography. In this song, Stecker seems to be getting tired of the relationship because she is giving her all, yet the guy is holding back. She has decided to speak her mind once and for all and hopes the guy understands. She wonders if she is being too nice by doing it all for him yet he is taking it for granted. Of course, it is not fair, and she is finally coming to terms with the fact that she may have fallen for the wrong guy.

3. Only Want You

When Stecker got the opportunity to work with Tricky Stewart, she could not let it pass. Their collaboration resulted in “Only Want You,” and immediately they finished recording, they both knew they had come up with something special. Indeed, it was because the song slowly climbed the charts to become the #1 Dance Club Song on Billboard. She opened up to Billboard and said that the song has a special place in her heart so seeing it at the top was heartwarming.

2. How Did We?

Some talk about love at first sight but for others, it grows gradually and they wonder how they ended up being in love. “How Did We” describes how the latter happens. Stecker sings that she is on the edge and falling into something major but she does not know what it is. She then starts seeing things in a whole new light and realizes that it is because of one person. The song was therefore the ideal soundtrack for “Everything, Everything,” in which two people fall in love unexpectedly.

1. Rooftop

It is incredible that at only 12 years old, Stecker released her first single, “Rooftop” which is her most popular song to date. She has grown so much since then especially vocally, but this upbeat pop song will not be overtaken any time soon. It is a party song; in the video, Stecker is hanging out with her girlfriends and they seem to be having the time of their lives. Also, in the video, she does not allow boys into the house because per the lyrics, the song is for all the girls in the city.

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