10 Awesome Songs About Being the Best

Tina Turner

They say that there is a thin line – humility – between arrogance and confidence; while arrogance smirks, confidence smiles. Still, it is human nature to believe in oneself, and songwriters have written songs about being the best. Some are dedications to other people, while others cement our confidence. Here is a look at some songs you should listen to in moments of self-doubt.

10. “I’ll Never Need Another You” by Don Williams

The late country singer knew how to charm his way into the hearts of women, and this is one of the songs that did it. Imagine a person dedicating a country song to you, claiming that the love you have shown will last them a lifetime. That they will never need another “you” because you are irreplaceable. Well, Williams meant every word because he remained married to his wife until death put them asunder. That is one way of saying he had found the one person best for him.

9. “Best I Ever Had” by Drake

When Drake wanted to release his mixtape “So Far Gone,” he thought about having “Uptown” as the lead single. Well, that was until he sought the help of Rich Paul who, according to Complex, convinced Drake that “Best I Ever Had” was the perfect lead single. While some people think of the song as one intended for players, Drake is adamant that it is directed to a particular female. The rapper praises the female character, seeing that she has stuck with him through thick and thin. Therefore, he promises that once he can afford to, he will spend whatever amount of money on her.

8. “Don’t Need You To” by Samantha Mumba

When this song hit the airwaves, it revived any flames of self-belief that had died. The Irish pop singer starts by saying she does not need anyone to tell her she is beautiful. She also does not need anyone to lend her strength because she is strong on her own. That is the power of believing in yourself though it may come off as arrogant. Mumba adds that she already has what she needs deep inside of her, which could be interpreted to mean the trust she has in herself and her abilities.

7. “Born to Win” by Nasty C

In an interview with Notion, Nasty C revealed that he realized he wanted to pursue music as a career when he was only 16. Initially, all he wanted was to make good music while telling the world more about the Zulu culture. However, he saw it was a great business opportunity once people began paying him for his Zulu features. One of the songs he has released is “Born to Win,” and once you get past the profanity, you see that Nasty C is encouraging people to have more faith in themselves. The South African rapper says that he was born to win, and since he believes he is the best, he will not quit.

6. “Defying Gravity” by Idina Menzel and Kristin Chenoweth

The moment you listen to this song, you start believing that you can be anything you set your heart out to be because you are the best. It is an anthem calling out people to shed the weight of other people’s opinions and trust in themselves because they have so much potential. It talks about no longer accepting limits but defying all odds, with the conviction that someday you will be flying high.

5. “I’m the Best” by Nicki Minaj

Minaj remembers when she could not afford to buy her mother a couch. Luckily, her luck has changed with her raking in millions of dollars to afford a Jimmy Choo collection, and buy her mother a house. The rapper knows she is the best and even says that it is lonely at the top, but she has what motivates her to keep working hard. Even Billboard ranks Minaj as the best female rapper of all time.

4. “The World’s Greatest” by R. Kelly

Kelly’s star that shone brightly has been dimmed by the sexual abuse charges that sent him to jail. His record label, Sony, dropped him and even when he tried making a comeback by releasing an album from jail, it was taken down from major streaming services like Spotify. It is such a dramatic turn of events for a person who was once believed to be the world’s greatest, a song inspired by Muhammad Ali. In the song, Kelly compares himself to a star up in the sky and the mountain peak.

3. “Best Rapper Alive” by Lil Wayne

In 2005, Wayne released this song in which he brags about being the best rapper alive and the rest should respect him. So, when Billboard ranked him the 7th among the 50 greatest rappers of all time, Wayne had a bone to chew with them. According to HipHopDX, the rapper said that even those in the list already knew that Wayne was the #1 rapper. He contradicts himself because, in another interview, he named Jay-Z as the best rapper of all time.

2. “The Best” by Tina Turner

According to Dig! this iconic song that reached #5 in the UK was not meant for Turner. Holly Knight and Mike Chapman penned the lyrics with a certain unmentioned male singer who turned it down. Consequently, the song found its way to Bonnie Tyler, and Turner did a cover. However, Turner requested to add abridge, have the key go up, and end it with a bang.

1. “One in a Million” by Ne-Yo

There is always something about being different in a good way, and Ne-Yo appreciates this trait in the song. He talks about being around the world, having been with many girls, but he has never come across someone like the girl who has caught his attention. The singer goes ahead to say she is the best he has ever had, a girl cut from a cloth that seems to no longer exist.

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