Spotify Announces New Subscription ‘HiFi’ in 2021

Spotify users are now getting the expected “high-quality music” with Spotify HiFi! The music platform is bringing a high-quality music experience. Which devices will have the new subscription Hifi? How much will Hifi cost?

The world’s most popular music listening source finally opens a new subscription feature. With the HiFi subscription, subscribers will enjoy “lossless and high-quality music”. After Amazon Music and Tidal, Spotify will debut with the motto “Lossless Music in CD Quality”.

Which devices will Spotify HiFi work on?

Thanks to the sophistication of today’s headphone and speaker technologies, HiFi will work on many devices. So, HiFi will be working on all devices, including Spotify Connect-enabled speakers.

Hifi will be on the market as an add-on to its Premium account. Fortunately, articles about the new subscription have been to not lose Spotify’s loyal customer base to other platforms.

How Much Will HiFi Cost?

HiFi membership, which will be a Spotify Premium add-on, will not be “eligible”. As a feature of Amazon Music, it’s a feature Spotify uses in order not to lose its users. Although non-performance users are satisfied, the same situation will not be with the price. Apple Music, the biggest competition on the market, offers similar features for $15. Likewise, it costs around $20 at Tidal. To stay competitive, the feature is expected to be subject to this price range.

After the announcement of the platform’s open event ‘Stream On’, Hifi was evaluated as an effect of Amazon Music. Other platforms have the same feature. Spotify is convenient to be the number one due to its price range.

HiFi will be available sometime this year. The new plan “will deliver music in CD-quality, lossless audio format to your device and Connect-enabled speakers. This means fans will be able to experience more depth and clarity while enjoying their favorite tracks.

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