10 Best Fighting and Martial Arts Themed Anime Series

10 Best Fighting and Martial Arts Themed Anime Series

Martial arts and fight anime series are on their way back to popularity with Baki and Kengan Ashura. We have prepared similar anime series for you. Will martial arts anime such as Kengan Ashura and Baki on Netflix be able to get ahead of fantastic anime series? Are fighting-themed productions more successful than fantasy anime in 2021? It is quite difficult to answer this, but of course, we have to say that Cobra Kai and its derivatives have an effect on this. Of course, all anime series contains elements of competition and fighting. One-Punch Man, Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece are the most popular anime that can be given as examples. However, the productions we have added to this list are animations that are closer to real-life in the style of Kengan Ashura and Baki. We have prepared for you many anime series that focuses on martial arts such as Kung Fu, MMA, and Boxing.

The 10 Best Martial Arts and Fighting Themed Animes

1- Baki


We all know the Baki series from Netflix, but the original of the series is older. In fact, Baki was a manga series written by Keisuke Itagaki in 1991 and was called “Baki the Grappler”. Later, it was released as 2 different anime in 2001 and 2016. Finally, an anime series called Baki was released by Netflix in 2018. Baki Hanma trains hard to beat Yujiro Hanma, the strongest fighter in the world, his father. The five toughest and most brutal death row inmates in the world challenge Baki. In this crisis, other underground martial arts fighters gather to support Baki. Gouki Skibukawa, Retsu Kaioh, and Doppo Orochi. The epic fighting fight between the death row prisoners and Baki and his friends begins!

2- Kengan Ashura


Kengan Omega is a Japanese manga series written by Sandrovich Yabako and illustrated by Daromeon and the sequel to Kengan Ashura on Netflix. The anime series includes very brutal and bloody fights. Although it has some fantastic elements, it is generally a reality series. There have been gladiator arenas in some parts of Japan since the Edo period. Business owners and traders hire gladiators for tenders and careers. This tradition still continues. The character named Ohma Tokita is on his way to becoming a very successful fighter thanks to his past. After the Kengan Tournaments, Ohma is waiting for Kengan Death Matches.

3- Fighting Spirit (Hajime No Ippo)


Hajime No Ippo is a Japanese boxing manga and anime series written and illustrated by George Morikawa. The series is shown as the best sports anime series in the world. It is a very realistic and exciting boxing anime. Also, its subject is very similar to the Karate Kid and Cobra Kai. Magunochi Ippo is an introverted, shy, and ordinary high school student. At school, he is often beaten by vagrants. Other times he helps his mother. One day, when the vagrants of the school beat Ippo, a boxer named Takamura saves him. Ippo decides to learn to box after that day.

4- Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure doesn’t contain much brutality like Kengan Ashura. There are more psychological and creative strategies in the anime series. Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure with its characters, drawings, style, music, concept, and villains is a very different production. Jonathan Joestar is a rich, noble boy with a life that anyone could desire. On the other hand, Dio Brando is an ambitious and talented child who was adopted by the JoJo family after his father died. The story is about the struggle of two families with each other over several generations, starting with Jonathan Joestar and Dio Brando.

5- Basilisk


Basilisk is a fighting anime series published in 2005, directed by Kisaki Fumitomo. In this series, members of two clans participate in a deadly battle royale. It is quite similar to the Kengan Ashura, but with a bit more fantastic and Asian-themed elements. The Kouga and Iga clans are two ninja clans that have been fighting for 400 years and are destined to fight, and people in these clans have supernatural abilities. Gennosuke of the Kouga Clan and Oboro of the Iga Clan are in love, but fighting is destined for them. Although neither of them wants to continue the meaningless war, 10 people each, chosen from both clans, including themselves, continue this war.

6- Yawara!


Would you like to study martial arts while watching an anime? “Yawara!” can give you this training. Quite strange, but that’s true. This anime series shows that martial arts are more spiritual than physical. It stays true to every aspect of Judo and even trains the audience in various techniques and movements. Yawara is a sports anime with comedy and romance elements. The main character of our story is Yawara Inokuma. She is a young girl trying to be an ordinary high school student, but she has been practicing judo since she was little because of her judo genius grandfather. Her grandfather’s sole purpose is to turn Yawara into a judo legend. Our series, based on the master pencil of Urasawa Naoki, also deals with the funny issues that took place within these events.

7- Kenichi: The Mightiest Discipline


Martial arts and comedy in one series! Kenichi: The Mighties Discipline is a very entertaining anime released in the early 2000’s. Kenichi: The Mightiest Disciple series is written and illustrated by Syun Matsuena. The anime series has a very simple scenario, but it is very enjoyable to tell the story. Shirahama Kenichi is 15 years old and has been harassed throughout his school life. Kenichi is weak and cowardly. One day, Kenichi runs into Miu. Miu sends Kenichi to practice at a strange dojo called Ryouzanpaku. Kenichi begins tough training, improves himself, and attracts the attention of other people. Kenichi unwittingly embarks on a path he cannot get out of.

8- Shura No Toki: Age of Class


‘Shura no Toki’ depicts a unique style of martial arts known as Mutsu Enmei-Ryu. This invincible unarmed fighting style allows a fighter to use his speed and strength to defeat any number of opponents, regardless of whether they are armed or not. The anime also depicts the endless wars between the Muts and the people on their way. If you’re a big martial arts fan, this is definitely an anime that should be on your watch list. It has some really impressive fight scenes that are also technically pretty solid if you compare it with real-life ones. It’s not really a very well-known anime, but it’s definitely among the best.

9- Fighting Beauty Wulong



Fighting Beauty Wulong is a seinen manga series by Yūgo Ishikawa. The anime series was published in 2005-2006. Fighting Beauty Wulong is a very similar series to Kengan Ashura and Baki, but with female characters at the center. However, it must be said that Fighting Beauty Wulong contains quite a lot of echii. 17-year-old Mao Lan has to grow up with her perverted grandfather almost her entire life. Mao Lan is taught all the secret martial arts techniques belonging to her family and is tasked to train with all the old men in the dojo. The exciting story of Mao then begins when she participates in a martial arts tournament.

10- Tenjou Tenge


Tenjou Tenge was a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Oh! great. The manga series began airing in 1998 and was released as an anime series in 2004. Tenjou Tenge’s characters, like Baki’s characters, strive to be the best in the world. That’s why they participate in many competitions and struggle. Souchiro Nagi and Bob Makihara are two quite arrogant, rebellious, and troubled students. During their early days at the Todoh Academy, they try to take over the school and beat everyone because of the trust given by their powers. However, these attempts are blocked by Jyuukenbu, a Far Eastern arts group at the school. A struggle begins between Jyuukenbu and the Execution Group.

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