The 10 Best Kay Flock Songs of All-Time

Kay Flock is one of the American rappers who have emerged in the 2020s. Specifically, his career started in 2020. Despite that, he has managed to find a considerable measure of fame. Flock has released a fair number of songs. As a result, interested individuals should have no shortage of material to listen to. That said, Flock’s future is uncertain because he is being held for a murder case plus racketeering conspiracy charges.

Here is our opinion of the ten best Kay Flock songs released so far:

10. “FTO”

“FTO” has the distinction of being Flock’s first single. It took some time for it to build up momentum. Still, it seems safe to say that “FTO” has made a strong impression.

9. “Make a Movie”

Meanwhile, “Make a Movie” came out in 2022. As such, it is a much more recent release, meaning it benefited from being backed by increased experience. On top of this, “Make a Movie” featured the involvement of Fivio Foreign, another rapper from New York City who got his start in the early 2010s.

8. “Geeked Up”

“Geeked Up” is an even more recent song. It is the product of yet another collaboration. To be exact, “Geeked Up” was born of a team-up with hip-hop legend Gucci Mane. After all, the latter was one of the pioneers of trap music in the early 2000s. As such, Gucci Mane is highly influential, which is particularly impressive because he has also seen a corresponding measure of commercial success.

7. “Speed Racing”

Racing is a popular pastime with a wide range of people. However, “Speed Racing” isn’t about any of its forms. Instead, the song describes someone trying to get away while being shot at by the narrator. It is one of two singles that Flock recorded with B-Lovee in 2020. The latter artist lived in Maryland before moving to New York City. He started in the mid-2010s, stopped for a time, and then started again in the early 2020s.

6. “T Cardi”

“T Cardi” came out partway through 2021. It is much the same as Flock’s other songs. However, “T Cardi” stands out in that it featured three other artists. One of them was Dougie B, who had already worked with Flock on “Brotherly Love.”

5. “Brotherly Love”

Speaking of which, “Brotherly Love” came out on the same mixtape as “T Cardi.” Despite the name, it shares much the same subject as the other songs that have been mentioned so far. Still, its performance meant that it was well-received in 2021.

4. “PSA”

“PSA” is another song from the same mixtape. Its lyrics are boastful. That said, a considerable number of people seemed to have enjoyed them for being precisely that.

3. “Is Ya Ready”

“Is Ya Ready” is yet another song on the same themes. Still, it is a better take on them than the others. Thanks to that, “Is Ya Ready” met with a more enthusiastic reception, thus enabling it to claim a higher spot on this list.

2. “Being Honest”

“Being Honest” is notable for being one of Flock’s most successful songs in a commercial sense. It received a gold certification from the RIAA. That means it sold at least 500,000 units, which is no small accomplishment even though the consumer base for music has seen so much expansion in recent decades. Not just anyone can manage those numbers, even if the state of modern telecommunications means artists find it easier to reach their intended audiences than ever before.

Curiously, “Being Honest” shows a somewhat more complex side than the other songs mentioned. It makes it clear that Flock is feeling the pressure from where his choices have led him. That said, the song retains the same fundamental mix of pride and aggression, though reading the meaning embedded in the lyrics is much easier said than done.

1. “Shake It”

“Shake It” would be the other go-to example for Flock’s ability to make himself noticed in the industry. Unlike “Being Honest,” it isn’t yet another track from his mixtape called The D.O.A. Tape. Instead, it has the distinction of being his first single released after it. On the whole, “Shake It” did very well by any reasonable standard.

The song made it to the number 51 position on the Billboard Hot 100, which was a first for Flock. Moreover, it seemed to have found a following in New Zealand because it secured a ninth place on that country’s official music chart. Much of the credit for the song’s success went to Cardi B, who was the most notable of the other artists who worked on it.

She can claim to be one of the most influential female rappers of recent times with no exaggeration whatsoever. After all, she has scored more than one diamond-certified song in the United States, meaning she is the one female rapper who has managed that feat so far. This isn’t even mentioning how this song was the 40th time she managed to make it onto the Billboard Hot 100. Regardless, reviewers agreed that “Shake It” wasn’t just a cynical team-up meant to capitalize on the trends of the time.

In considerable part, that is because Cardi B managed to harmonize with Flock’s established style without issue, which is one more testament to her incredible skill in her chosen field. Of course, the other contributors – Dougie B and Bory300 – also received praise for their roles in the work. As a result, the four artists coming together created something more than the sum of its parts, which impressed more than a few listeners in 2022.

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