Megadeth frontman daughter Electra Mustaine drops her single Evergreen

Megadeth‘s Dave Mustaine‘s daughter Electra Mustaine released her new single titled ‘Evergreen’ visualized by TRACE AMOUNT.

Popstar Electra Mustaine is rising day by day. She is not only known for her solo works but also for her father’s identity. We earlier saw Electra appearing alongside his father and covering Megadeth songs. Those covers especially include her numerous performances of “À Tout Le Monde” with Jason Kertson and a cover of Megadeth‘s “I Thought I Knew It All”. It was in Megadeth’s 1994 album Youthanasia. She thus gained some popularity but was not known for her own work. However, this has recently changed.

Electra Mustaine on Evergreen

‘Evergreen’ shares my experiences in music and in life; constantly seeming to fail outside expectations but consciously choosing to ignore them,” Electra says. It is apparent that she’s not willing to just be a shadow of his father, despite wanting to make music.

“We all have that little rebellious streak about us. Early on, I was like, ‘ I want to be my own person. I tried to step away from the identity that was my father’s by doing something opposite musically, but authentic to me!”

She has released her debut single Evergreen. The new-world pop single of Electra Mustaine sounds like Miley Cyrus. The reaction to Evergreen was rather odd but positive. That is because her main fanbase consists of metalheads right now, despite Electra being a pop singer. Megadeth fans are showing their full support to Electra  Mustaine and they even seem to like the music. Many believe that Electra is going to be a great singer in the future and this debut is just the beginning.

The song is visualized by Trace Amount. The producer is Breyer White. Electra offers us not only a musical but also a visual experience with her debut single.

You can listen to Electra Mustaine – ‘Evergreen’ song below!

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