The 20 Best Rap Love Songs of All-Time

Love is a language spoken by all, and no one is immune to it, not even the rappers who appear to have had their hearts hardened by their rough upbringing. Whether it is love for their children, spouses, parents, or friends, most artists are overwhelmed by such emotions that they end up penning beautiful lyrics. Let’s look at the best 20 rap love songs of all time.

20. Want My Love by Twista Featuring DJ Victoriouz

There is usually a thin line between love and lust, and even some rappers wonder which of the two they are feeling. In this song by Twista, he begins by saying how captivated he is by the body of the woman in whom he has suddenly grown an interest. All he can think about is the passionate lovemaking sessions, and it has him so obsessed that he can do anything for her. Fortunately, it seems the feelings are mutual because the woman clings to him like she is addicted.

19. When in Love by MC Lyte

In the days when artists like Jewell Caples were fading, MC Lyte stood her ground and made a breakthrough in her career. According to Chicago Tribune, she became the first female rapper to earn a gold single while also earning the respect of male rappers who noticed her talent. In “When in Love,” MC Lyte tells of the crazy things people do when in love.

18. Getting Married by Nas

Unless it is an arranged marriage, the ultimate act of love is to get married to the one for whom your heart beats. You want to have them with you day and night for the rest of your life. In this song, Nas could not tell any better of how difficult a decision it can be, especially for someone who has never taken love seriously. Nas raps that he was used to jumping from one woman to the next, but he is no longer a gigolo; he has become a man ready to stick with one woman.

17. Dog Love by DMX Featuring Amerie & Janyce

Everyone has that one person for whom their hearts melt, no matter how frozen it was, and DMX seems to have found his in this song. He brags about how he is for the streets and never has time for love, but upon noticing this particular woman, his heart starts opening up to new possibilities. He can see a future with her and starts promising that nothing will tear them apart because all he wants in his life is her. The late rapper says there is no love like dog love which he happens to have.

16. Baby by Ghostface Killah featuring Raheem DeVaughn

The moment the rapper spots this woman on the streets, he starts picturing her as his girlfriend. He is already taken in by the beauty of her curves, which makes the girl insecure, but Killah convinces her he does not like slim women. He loves that the woman is a homemaker dedicated to keeping the house clean and cooking for him. Her caring nature is evident in how she checks on him whenever he is on the streets. It is no wonder that the rapper can already see her being the mother of his children.

15. The Day You’re Mine by Big Daddy Kane

This song is among the most underrated rap love songs of the 80s, yet it is timeless. Listening to the lyrics, they transport you to a time when love was not taken for granted. When a man says that he will wait until the day a woman is his, that is true love. Kane raps about the object of his affection; a woman who has proven to be different from the rest on many levels. He admits that a love like hers is rare, so he would rather keep waiting until the day she warms up to his advances.

14. Crazy in Love by Eminem

When people say they no longer want to be crazy in love and prefer being calm in love, it is probably because of the picture being crazy in love depicts. For instance, in this song, Eminem wonders why he loves the girl so much, yet she seems to be bad for him. Then again, he reasons that men grow up to marry their mothers, and since his mum was toxic, it could explain why chooses a woman bad for him. Still, he does not understand if he loves her or maybe it is lust driving him. The bottom line is he knows she needs her as a table needs legs to stand.

13. She Needs Me by Kendrick Lamar

According to GQ, Lamar and Alford’s relationship can be witnessed through his lyrics. In this song, he speaks so highly of the woman. She has it all together and is independent, but still, she needs him, which to him is a privilege. You can sense how proud he is of her and how lucky he feels to have her in his life. Best of all, she has his parents’ approval, so it is no surprise that he proposed to Alford in 2015 after years of dating.

12. All I Need by Method Man Featuring Mary J. Blige

Method Man believes in love at first sight, as depicted in the interlude by Blige, who sings that one look was enough to know they would spend the rest of their lives together. From the lyrics, it is clear that the rapper also has faith in marriage but not necessarily a formal wedding – he does not believe he has to give the woman a ring to prove she is his wife. Still, he believes in all the principles of a good wife, with fidelity being top of the list. He does not want much from the woman except that she supports him so they can build their empire, as he promises to do anything to keep her happy in the relationship.

11. Hailie’s Song by Eminem

While most rappers are inspired by love for their spouses, Eminem’s song is about his daughter Hailie. She was born in 1995, and her parents’ tumultuous relationship resulted in Hailie being dragged into negative publicity. Thankfully, Eminem has shielded his daughter, who inspires his lyrical prowess. In this song, he talks about how he loves his daughter more than life itself, and she keeps him grounded.

10. I’ll Be Missing You by Puff Daddy Featuring Faith Evans

The death of Notorious B.I.G. hit everyone who loved him hard. So, unlike most love songs that are based on romantic feelings, this song is inspired by the love Puff Daddy had for his dear friend. Of course, it would be incomplete if Biggie’s widow, Faith Evans, would have been left out to once again tell how much she loved her husband even if he was gone. According to Genius, Puff Daddy asked Jay-Z to write the lyrics to eulogize his friend, but Jay-Z suggested Sauce Money do it instead. Sauce Money explained that since Jay-Z was also Biggie’s close friend, writing the song would have torn him apart.

9. Banking On Me by Gunna

Gunna released this masterpiece on Valentine’s Day in 2022, and with good reason. It is a love song which his fans love so much that they would play it at their wedding. According to RollingStone, the rapper explained that when you meet someone for the first time, and you like them, you hope that the spark will last a lifetime. In the song, he says he never wants to get tired of the woman he describes as being different from the other ladies he has dated.

8. I Want You by Common

As Common raps, they say you never know what you got until it is long gone. Well, this song speaks volumes about the love people take for granted. The rapper regrets losing the one woman he feels was made for him. He had become addicted to her love, and now that it is no longer available, he only wishes for another dose. He can get another woman, but all he can think about is the one that got away, and he wants her back.

7. Luv U Better by LL Cool J

Per the lyrics, LL Cool J loves his woman, but he barely has enough time for her. Unlike before, things have changed because he is too busy. Still, she remains his number one woman, and he is trying to mend his ways after seeing that his actions were breaking her heart. The rapper talks about mending fences before it is too late since he cannot imagine her with another man.

6. If I Was Your Best Friend by 50 Cent Featuring Olivia

Relationship experts advise couples to be friends before getting married, and 50 Cent seems to agree. He says that he will be the woman’s best friend if she promises to be his, then goes ahead to promise all the things he will do in return. However, it appears the woman is already in a relationship, and the rapper hopes that the other guy is only a friend. 50 Cent wants to make his move and uses the song to profess his love for the girl.

5. I Love My Chick by Busta Rhymes Featuring & Kelis

Although the song uses derogatory language when referring to the woman, it is a love song. Even when he spoke to The Guardian (, the rapper said he loved his b*tch because she takes care of him by cooking and cleaning for him. It is this same message he passes on in the song “I Love My Chick,” saying she could do anything for him, including perjure herself.

4. Love by Kendrick Lamar Featuring Zacari

Like 50 Cent and R. City, Lamar wonders if his lover would still love him even if he were unsuccessful. He is so in love with her that he says without her, he is nothing. Lamar adds that all he asks for is straightforwardness and trust because they are more important to him than being loved. It is a beautiful song, and even HotNewHipHop agrees that it is arguably one of the greatest love songs in recent times.

3. 03 Bonnie & Clyde by Jay-Z Featuring Beyoncé

This 2007 track borrows a line from Tupac’s “Me and My Girlfriend” since the storyline is the same. Both rappers say all they need in their lives of sin is themselves and their girlfriends. The song culminates with Beyoncé swearing that no one would ever come between them. It was the perfect song preceding their marriage that has weathered the storm because, true to their words, they are Bonnie & Clyde.

2. I Know What You Want by Busta Rhymes Featuring Mariah Carey

The video begins with actor Michael Jai White requesting the rapper to keep an eye on White’s wife since the actor would be out of town for a while. Being a good friend, Rhymes does as requested, and the song can be seen to be from the perspective of a man who is ready to do anything for the woman who has stayed by his side. He raps that she should understand even when he is not around, he is out there fending for her and the kids. It is an appreciation song to the woman who never leaves him, no matter what he does to hurt her.

1. 21 Questions by 50 Cent Featuring Nate Dogg

According to Complex, 50 Cent released the song, believing it would help his love life. When he floated the idea to Dr. Dre, the music producer was hesitant about 50 Cent including the song in his debut album. However, the rapper stood his ground, and the song became a massive hit that topped the Billboard 100 immediately after it was released. 50 Cent wonders if the woman he loves would stay with him when he hit rock bottom.

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